Did Matt Canada Really Start a Burner Account? Steelers OC Mired in Rumors

    Matt Canada is already on the hot seat as offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers -- is he using a burner account to leak out his defense?

    Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada is already in hot water with his team, following his boss Mike Tomlin’s “Hell yes there’s going to be changes” comment after their 30-6 debacle versus the Houston Texans Sunday.

    But now, the Steelers assistant has new scrutiny the day after their 24-point disaster to the now 2-2 Texans — in the form of his rumored involvement with one burner account.

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    Is Matt Canada Behind a Burner Account? One Theory Presented

    Caught by NFL analyst Benjamin Ehrlich on Monday evening, he tried to decipher the email of the X (formerly known as Twitter) account for @DannyFootball77, which has become known for clapping back at Steeler critics.

    Ehrlich went through the “forgot password” process for the account. That tactic sparked the theory that the current Steelers offensive coordinator is the one behind the account.

    Though there are asterisks, it’s enough for Ehrlich to believe it’s the OC of the Steelers who is behind the keyboard managing this fan burner account.

    Notable Responses Add to Belief Canada Is Behind the Account

    The “Dan Robbins” account has some notable responses that helps give leverage into believing it’s Canada managing @DannyFootball77.

    The X account Blitzburgh criticized the Steelers for not having a real offensive coordinator. The burner account in question responded back to that post.

    There’s more. One Steeler fan blasted the thought of Pickett working with Canada and adding how he needs “a better offensive coordinator.” The “Robbins” account gave this response in defense of Canada.

    In going back to some criticism from Blitzburgh, that account aimed to point out how George Pickens isn’t getting many targets with Canada as his OC. “Dan Robbins,” though, compared his targets to Pro Bowl wide receiver CeeDee Lamb of the Dallas Cowboys.

    Finally, the burner page in question gave a response to the #FireCanada hashtag.

    But Is It Really Canada Behind the Account?

    Canada, or the Steelers, are yet to address who’s behind the defender of the Steelers OC on X.

    One analyst, however, brought up one dilemma involving the questionable email attached to @DannyFootball77 — the Steelers use steelers.nfl.com to end their email address, not steelers.com. We can confirm here at Pro Football Network that this is the email pattern the Steelers — and other NFL teams — use for their employees.

    In all likelihood, someone from the Steel City media will probably ask Tomlin about @DannyFootball77 and if the account belongs to someone on his coaching staff.

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