Did the Chiefs Block NFL Films From Airing Travis Kelce’s Viral Blowup at Andy Reid?

The Travis Kelce sideline moment with Andy Reid has been widely discussed, but audio was never released. Did the Kansas City Chiefs stop it from coming out?

The Kansas City Chiefs, led by Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and an excellent defense, were able to win their second consecutive Super Bowl in what will go down as an instant classic. Knowing you’re only 60 minutes away from either a title or a heartbreaking defeat lends itself to some raw emotion, however.

We saw a bit of that in the viral sideline interaction between Kelce and head coach Andy Reid during the game as it unfolded in front of the world. However, despite the abundance of mic’d up clips that have gone public since the game, we haven’t heard what was said in that moment — and the Chiefs organization may be the reason why.

Did Chiefs Stop Travis Kelce’s Soundbite From Airing?

Inside the NFL, the weekly studio show that airs on The CW, provides unique visual and audio footage of in-game action, including soundbites from mic’d up NFL players. Their episode on Super Bowl 58, however, did not share the audio of the infamous dustup despite Kelce being mic’d up for the game.

Instead, the show chose to play the audio of CBS’ Tony Romo saying that Kelce told Reid to “keep me in” the game, and then cut to analysis from NFL analysts on the show to discuss the moment.

According to The New York Post, that was by design. They were told that “two people highly plugged into the sports media business told The Post they suspect the Chiefs blocked NFL Films — which captures the mic’d up audio — and Inside the NFL from airing the direct Kelce soundbite, with one saying he thought that this edict came from Reid.”

One source told The Post, “There are jokes among NFL Films crews that there is a vault that contains all the sensitive content from over the years that has never made it to TV.”

It looks as if what exactly was said to Reid by Kelce will forever remain a mystery, and it may have been at the request of the Chiefs’ head coach to do so.

Whether it’s Reid’s way of protecting Kelce, or even himself, the fact that this has yet to be released looks to be adding more intrigue to the matter.

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Both Reid and Kelce have come out with glowing support and admiration for one another since this moment, and it looks to be water under the bridge at this point.

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