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    Davante Adams Upset With Chargers’ Schedule Announcement: Circle These Potential Revenge Games on Your NFL Calendar

    Following the Chargers' schedule announcement back in May, Davante Adams recently expressed his feelings on the antics.

    As division rivals, the Los Angeles Chargers and the Las Vegas Raiders share a well-known animosity. This sentiment seems to extend to the players, too, particularly Davante Adams.

    When the Chargers announced their schedule back in May, a post about the Raiders sparked a reaction from Adams. What did he have to say about it?

    Davante Adams Tells Chargers To ‘Keep My Name Out Your Mouth’

    Prior to the release of their schedule, the Chargers went to X (formerly known as Twitter) to compare each of their opponents to a Pop-Tart flavor. However, the flavors weren’t normal and were an avenue of trash talk.

    In Vegas’ case, they showed an image of Adams for the Raiders and then a picture of “garbage” flavored Pop-Tarts.

    Adams saw this and wasn’t happy about it. Joining the Up & Adams Show, he had a message for the Chargers.

    “It’s not the players’ fault because they didn’t have anything to do with the post,” said Adams. “This is directed strictly toward the Chargers’ social media page: Please keep my name out of your mouth and show some respect.

    Adams Set for Revenge When the Raiders and Chargers Play This Season?

    As division rivals, the Chargers and Raiders will play each other twice this season: Sept. 8 and Jan. 5. Adams will get two shots to get his revenge on Los Angeles for their schedule-release antics.

    In his history against the Chargers, Adams is known to perform his best. In just his last four games vs. Los Angeles, he’s had 494 yards and four touchdowns.

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    For reference, that’s 13.5 yards and one touchdown per game. He’s played them one more time in his career, making it five in his career, adding 42 more yards to his total.

    More specifically, in just the past two seasons, Adams has gone for 141, 177, 85, and 101 yards, respectively, against the Chargers in those last four outings.

    “I thought about responding [to the Chargers] on social media and being funny there, but I figured it would be better to just beat their head in in real life and continuing to do it that way,” said Adams. “I just want to remind them of what they’ve been going through as it pertains to playing against me.”

    He went on to talk about how he’s performed against the Chargers in recent years but also how he just doesn’t care anymore and is going to say what he wants.

    “They treat me like an old man, so I’m going to act like it because old men just say whatever they feel,” said Adams. “That’s how my grandpa is, at least. So I’m just trying to be what they want me to be.”

    Get your popcorn ready.

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