NFL Insider Dan Orlovsky ‘Heard That’ Bill Belichick’s Future Is Already Planned With Another Team

    ESPN Insider Dan Orlovsky alluded to the possible future plans for Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. What is he hearing about the legendary coach?

    The New England Patriots are struggling mightily right now. As the Pats enter their bye week at 2-8, there are more questions than answers for the team right now. With so much going wrong with the team in 2023, a lot of the focus has turned to the future and what that may look like.

    While it was reported that head coach Bill Belichick signed a new contract quietly this offseason, it hasn’t quieted the rumors about a possible changing of the guard. Some assume that the Patriots could make a move in-season to get rid of the legendary coach, while others believe they have too much respect for Belichick and will wait until after the season.

    This is all speculation, but ESPN NFL Insider Dan Orlovsky may have added a new wrinkle to the possible separation that may have not been yet discussed.

    Dan Orlovsky ‘Heard That’ Bill Belichick May Already Have a Plan

    While joining Pat McAfee and crew on the latest episode of The Pat McAfee Show, Orlovsky dropped a little rumbling he heard about Belichick and his possible future plans and how they may actually already be in place with a specific team.

    “I’ve heard that. I’ve heard more and more of that over the past week, I’m not a reporter and all that stuff, but I have heard that. I have heard that that’s going to be the case, and who knows the likelihood of it, but I have heard that is going to happen, and I heard the location is kind of already determined as well.”

    Orlovsky was unafraid to share that he had heard of the possibility but tiptoed around who he heard it from and was careful about revealing too much.

    This would be a monstrous move with a lot of variables in play. Questions of tampering come into play, the how is asked, and when and where are all the things swirling through the minds of those involved if this were to come true.

    A Belichick Move Could Change the Landscape of the NFL

    If this idea floated by Orlovsky were to come true, there are many teams that could benefit from adding a coach of Belichick’s pedigree.

    Widely viewed as the greatest coach in the game, if Belichick were to be on the move next year with a plan in place to be both a head coach and the general manager, it could change the trajectory of a franchise as well as bring instant legitimacy.

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    It’s just a rumor and maybe even a passing thought around league circles right now, but one would think that Orlovsky would not go as far as to put his name and reputation on the line on national television and say something that didn’t have at least some validity.

    If this were to come true, the NFL needs to buckle up because things could get very interesting on many fronts.

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