Dallas Cowboys: Top five cap hits in 2019

The Dallas Cowboys' offensive line is a key cog of the team. So, of course, a number of offensive linemen find themselves on this list of most cap costly players on the roster in 2019.

The Dallas Cowboys’ offensive line is a key cog of the team. As we check the team’s top salary cap hits, the offensive line makes a regular appearance.

Earlier, we discussed the top salary cap hits for the Philadelphia Eagles. Now we’ll check out a Dallas Cowboys team that has invested heavily in the offensive line. That will become evident as we wade through the top five players on the salary cap table, starting right at the top.

Just like with the Eagles, we’ll look at the contracts of these five players, as well as the future of their contracts. And all numbers come courtesy of Spotrac.

Top Five Dallas Cowboys Salary Cap Hits

LT Tyron Smith ($15,545,000)

Naturally, the biggest investment on the offensive line this season for the Cowboys comes at the left tackle position. Tyron Smith’s cap of over $15 million accounts for about 7.74 percent of the Cowboys’ salary cap. That comes from a $10 million base salary owed to Smith, plus a charge of $5,545,000 from his 2017 contract restructuring.

Smith’s $10 million 2019 salary is eighth among left tackles, behind Russell Okung ($13 million), Nate Solder ($12,900,000), Taylor Lewan ($11,088,235), Trent

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