Cowboys’ Stephen Jones Opens Up About Culture Concerns

After another early playoff exit, questions surrounding the Cowboys' culture have grown. However, Stephen Jones doesn't think they have an issue.

The Dallas Cowboys franchise is unlike any other in sports. The front office structure and dynamic that includes the owner of the football team and his son are not only running the team off the field but on it as well.

Both Jerry and Stephen Jones are weaved into the day-to-day decision-making that culminates into the product we all see on the field. While it has its advantages to be able to cut out the middle man, it also presents its fair share of challenges.

Dallas has notoriously underachieved over the last quarter century despite having the talent to compete with the best franchises in the NFL — a dynamic that has called into question the culture of the franchise.

A sentiment that Stephen has pushed back on.

Stephen Jones Not Worried About Culture

Stephen Jones met with a contingent of media on Tuesday while in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine. When asked if the team has a culture problem, the Cowboys’ COO was quick to push back on any idea of that to be the case.

“I think, you know, from the organization on down, we feel good about our culture,” Jones started.

“You always want to be better, I will say that. If your results aren’t winning the Super Bowl, I think everybody said how do you ultimately be the last guy standing.

“But I think overall, between organizationally, and between our coach, personnel department, I think our leadership on our team is outstanding. You know you are always going to have somebody who is going to say something.

“You know, if it’s not, it might be their particular thought process on why we may come up short, but personally, I don’t think it’s an issue,” Jones finished.

Others may think otherwise, but Stephen sees nothing wrong with the way the Cowboys do business.

Dallas Cowboys’ Unique Franchise Dynamic

Questions regarding the Cowboys and their culture intensified following an embarrassing showing in the NFC Wild Card round, where they hosted a young Green Bay Packers team and got beaten soundly.

The Cowboys hadn’t lost at home since Week 1 of the 2022 season before the early exit in this year’s playoffs. The noise continued to grow in the days following the loss, in which family members of players took to social media to voice their displeasure.

CeeDee Lamb’s mom took to Facebook to disparage Dak Prescott, while Micah Parsons’ brother spent time on ‘X’ talking about how his brother wasn’t being used correctly. Meanwhile, Prescott’s brother was hoping to get his star QB brother anywhere but Dallas so he could get the respect he deserves.

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All this, combined with the fact the front office dynamic hasn’t changed since Jones took over, with many feeling as though it hasn’t evolved either. With the family’s hands in the mix of everything, it lends itself to a truly unique dynamic for both players and coaches.

The result is a 28-year conference championship game drought and a season that was once again cut far shorter than many had anticipated.

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