This week on the Nosebleed Seats, hosts Zach Wolchuk and Eric Chiofalo talk about the Dallas Cowboys, they continue to look at NFL Mock Drafts and finish with some NFL quick hits.

Dallas Cowboys

Currently, the Cowboys are on a real honeymoon with the return of Jason Witten. With Witten back on the field, both Zach and Eric pick their favorite Witten broadcast blunder. Lastly, the fellas discuss the possible outcomes from the recent injury to safety Byron Jones and the acquisition of defensive end Robert Quinn.

NFL Mock Drafts

Are the New York Giants leaking draft details? Before free agency, it was a foregone conclusion the Giants would draft QB Dwayne Haskins out of Ohio State. Now that possibility seems less likely with the latest comments from GM Dave Gettleman. From the Giants to the Oakland Raiders, could the Raiders be an actual landing spot for dynamic Oklahoma Sooners QB Kyler Murray? The Raiders decided to take another look and sent an entire group of people to go check out the dynamic QB to see if the Raiders could pick Murray in the first round. The Raiders have three first round picks, and although general manager Mike Mayock has been firm on not trading them, it is NFL draft season, and anything is possible.

NFL Mixed Bag

Last week, Eric introduced us to a segment called NFL Quick Hits. This week, it’s Zach’s turn with the NFL Mixed Bag. From Le’Veon Bell becoming a rapper, Kennan Allen making his comments on it, and Emmanuel Ogbah getting traded to the Kansas City Chiefs, Zach covers everything for you. Lastly, they finish with their top NFL rivalries for the upcoming 2019 season.

Questions to think about during the show

Could you imagine Witten returning to the booth one day? Who will the New York Giants draft with the sixth pick? Will you listen to Le’Veon Bell’s latest rap music?

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