Michigan First-Round Pick and Dallas Cowboys DT Has Storage Locker Sold in Viral Video

Former first-round pick and current Dallas Cowboys DT Mazi Smith had his storage locker auctioned off. What was found inside?

Sometimes you just forget you have something. In the case of Dallas Cowboys‘ former first-round draft pick Mazi Smith, it looks like he forgot about an entire storage locker worth of stuff.

The former Michigan Wolverine has spent the last season in Dallas, and while he finished his first season in the NFL, Smith may have forgotten some valuable things from his previous stop that have now since been auctioned off.

Mazi Smith Has Storage Locker Sold

It’s tough moving from Michigan to Dallas, Texas, rerooting your entire life and beginning your professional career. Amid all the change, some things may have been forgotten along the way. Such looks to be the case for Smith and a locker full of valuables he left behind.

In a video that has now gone viral on social media, this X user states, “So a Michigan player that went in the first round of the 2023 Draft let all his stuff get sold in a storage auction?! And included a 2022 Michigan Playbook!?!?”

While the Michigan playbook is eye-opening, there are some interesting things that have since been auctioned off that were included in the locker as well.

The poster claims Smith paid $1,880 for the storage locker. Items that came along with the purchase included player-exclusive Jordan football cleats, an extensive Lego collection, a Louis Vuitton toiletry bag, and other designer clothes items.

The locker seemed to hold several items that were of high value and now belong to the person who bought it. As a result of forgetting, Smith has since forfeited his right to his former possessions.

NFL World Reacts to Smith’s Now Former Locker

It’s not every day something like this becomes available, and even rarer for the sports world to get a glimpse of what is in it. Naturally, with it being a high-profile Cowboys player, the NFL world reacted to the findings.

“Mazi Smith was too busy being a first-rounder to bother with his old storage unit.”

One X user jokes that if this was really a playbook, Ohio State’s head coach Ryan Day would take up the hobby himself.

“Looks like a workout log not a playbook, otherwise we’d see Ryan Day on the next season of Storage Wars.”

One former Cowboys player, Jesse Holley, chimes in and speaks about the fact that this is more common than we think.

“This Happens More Common Than You Think………. I Left UNC & Had A Storage Just Like This One. With Sneakers (UNC PEs) Jerseys, my ACC, Final Four & National Champion Rings, Signed Footballs & Basketballs Alllll That & I Went To Cincinnati & My Debt Card That The Unit Was Under…

“Expired. Never Really Thinking That I Had To Call Back Up There & Give My New Card. The Unit Went Unpaid. My Blessing From God Was That The Dude Who Worked There Was A Tar Heel Fan & Reached Out To The Football Office & Said He Think This Is The Jesse Holley That Played @ UNC

“& That My Unit Was Going Up For Auction Is A Couple Days If Not Paid. UNC Football Got In Contact With Me & I Paid It Was Able To Keep My Stuff!!

“You Put It On Auto Pay & Seriously Just Forget. This Sucks For Mazi. I Hope They Let Him Buy His Stuff Back At A Reasonable Price”

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Mazi Smith’s Attorney Provides Statement to PFN

Smith’s attorney, Levi McCathern, reached out to Pro Football Network directly for comment on the matter.

“Mazi Smith was completely unaware that his personal belongings had been sold until he was sent the TikTok video of the man who purchased teh storage unit where his belongings were being stored” said McCathern.

“Obviously, Mazi has been in constant motion since being drafted last year. In the course of moving and changing banks, payment for this unit somehow fell through the cracks. Mazi obviously wants his possessions back, and we will immediately being working towards that goal.”

“We are hopeful that the individual in possession of Mazi’s unique personal items will cooperate with us on their speedy return.”

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