A looming contract for Dak Prescott and an attempt to build the worst QB ever (Nosebleed Seats Podcast)

This week, hosts Eric Chiofalo and Eric Wolchuk talk about how the new deal for Eagles QB Carson Wentz will affect Cowboys QB Dak Prescott.

Is Dak Prescott’s contract dependent on new Carson Wentz deal?

Carson Wentz was signed to a huge deal for the Philadelphia Eagles, and this will affect Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott. It seems like it is a constant topic of discussion around the NFC East and now it will have a guaranteed effect on the Cowboys. Unlike Eagles, the Cowboys have not had to deal with the injuries at the QB position the past couple of years. During his rookie season, Prescott was the rookie of the year and a huge part of the Cowboys team.

Dak Prescott vs. Carson Wentz

Dak Prescott had a down year in his sophomore season and came back in a big way last season. Prescott led them to a massive win against the Seattle Seahawks last season in the playoffs before losing to the Los Angeles Rams. Does he deserve the contract, though? Prescott has been more healthy and has been productive. Wentz has been injury prone but is more talented. Realistically there are arguments on both sides, and it will be telling from Prescott this season if he deserves the big deal.

Building the worst NFL QB of all time

Building the worst QB of all time is a fun thing to do. Instantly from current memory, you would have to pick Nathan Peterman – the interception king of the NFL! From there it’s a fun toss-up, and the Nosebleed Seats boys have fun doing it!

Questions from the podcast team

Will Dak Prescott get a big deal from the Dallas Cowboys? How would you build your worst quarterback of all-time?

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