Brother of Dak Prescott Takes Dig at Rival Jalen Hurts in Announcing Personal Top 10 NFL QBs

The brother of Cowboys Pro Bowl quarterback Dak Prescott doesn't believe Jalen Hurts is a top 10 passer, even calling him a running back.

The brother of Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowl quarterback Dak Prescott found a new way to throw fuel into an already heated rivalry between his team and the Philadelphia Eagles.

In announcing his own personal best 10 quarterbacks, Tad Prescott noticeably left off Jalen Hurts. But his response on why led to some strong online reactions.

Why Jalen Hurts Wasn’t Named in Top 10 by Tad Prescott

Speaking on The Paper Route via the I Am Athlete podcast, Tad first unveiled three-time Super Bowl winner Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs as his top QB. His renowned brother came in behind Mahomes.

But after he revealed his first six quarterbacks, I Am Athlete host and former NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall butted in and asked where Hurts stood in his rankings.

That’s when Tad took a dig at the NFC champion and Pro Bowler.

“You said quarterbacks, not running backs,” Tad said.

That drew laughs from Marshall and the other hosts, but it also means that Tad is a non-believer in Hurts being a true NFL quarterback.

Still, it was enough to spark plenty of online reactions to his label of Hurts.

Fans Remind Tad Prescott Where Hurts Holds Edge Over Cowboys Brother

The fans took to social media to not only mock Tad’s list but send him a reminder of where Hurts has an advantage over his star brother.

“But Hurts got more playoffs win than his brother,” one fan said on X (formerly known as Twitter).

That’s actually close to being true. Both quarterbacks have the same number of playoff wins. However, it’s Dak with the most postseason losses at five.

Others still piled on Tad’s wild claim about Hurts.

“SMDH, come on Tad. You’re just causing Dak unnecessary issues with this terrible list, including disrespecting Jalen Hurts for no damn reason,” another fan said online.

Another fan sent out a stern warning to the vocal sibling of Dallas’ franchise passer.

“I hope Tad Prescott is ready for the wrath of the Philadelphia Eagle fans after that disrespectful comment about Jalen Hurts. My goodness,” the fan shared.

Sure enough, one Eagle fan questioned Tad’s bold declaration.

“Isn’t Tad Prescott the one who clowns the Cowboys? His opinions suddenly matter now?” the fan asked.

How Tad Prescott Rose to Sudden Popularity

The Prescott family has witnessed someone other than Dak grab headlines.

It all began during the start of NFL free agency with the Cowboys being one of the quieter teams on the transaction front. Dallas and its fans watched Pro Bowl running back Tony Pollard sign a $24 million deal with the Tennessee Titans yet failed to sign free agents Saquon Barkley, Austin Ekeler, and Derrick Henry.

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Tad took to social media to rip the Cowboys for their front-office decision-making. But the kicker: He praised the Eagles in his tweet.

Tad, though, still shared that his brother wants to end his career as a Cowboy despite the constant criticism.

But the next time the Eagles and Cowboys meet during the season, best believe there will be Philly fans remembering what Tad said about their beloved quarterback.

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