Could the Jets Sign Tom Brady? NFL Fans Cause Rumors To Erupt After Legendary QB Is Spotted in New York

    Could the greatest quarterback of all time come out of retirement to save the New York Jets' season? Fans and media members seem to suggest it.

    By now, we have all either seen or heard the unfortunate news surrounding Aaron Rodgers and the injury he sustained on Monday night versus the Buffalo Bills.

    With Rodgers officially out for the season after just four plays with a ruptured Achilles, the Jets are tasked with turning the page and looking forward to the rest of the 2023 season with a different signal-caller under center than they had envisioned and hoped.

    Could the Jets look to the greatest of all time to fill the role? Although Tom Brady is officially retired and on to different ventures like team ownership, that hasn’t stopped NFL fans and media rumors from erupting as many begin to wonder if Brady may come back to save the Jets season in 2023.

    While Brady has officially retired — and this is the first season in the NFL this century that Brady isn’t on an NFL roster — it all looks like Brady will keep it that way. You simply cannot rule out the possibility of a comeback until we all hear from the mouth of the GOAT that he is indeed not going to make the return.

    Can Tom Brady Be an Owner and Play in the NFL at the Same Time?

    If only the answer to whether or not Brady could be both a minority owner of the Raiders and play as a starting QB in the NFL was as simple as yes or no. While Brady has technically agreed to become a minority owner of the Raiders, according to the most recent reports, the NFL has yet to formally approve his ownership stake.

    This means that because his ownership is not technically official as of yet, it’s unclear whether Brady could renege on his deal with Las Vegas if he wanted to return to the NFL as a player. If he were able to get out of his deal, he would be a free agent and could sign with the Jets tomorrow.

    If the deal had gone through, the league’s new “no-equity” rule — approved by the NFL’s owners this summer — prohibits teams from giving players or team employees ownership stakes. This means, that if Brady’s pact with the Raiders is finalized, he won’t be allowed to play for any team, including Las Vegas.

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