Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield learned on Monday night that it’s not fun when they hit back, and it was a painful lesson to learn.

Note: Post has been updated below with a new video showing that Baker Mayfield did shake Richard Sherman’s hand prior to the coin toss, but not after.

The Browns overhyped off-season caught up to them in a big way against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football. The expectations that were projected for the 2019 season was AFC Championship or bust. After a 2-3 start that included a 31-3 defeat to the 49ers and two upcoming games against the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots, it could end up being just another losing season for Cleveland – the same as every other year.

It begins with Baker Mayfield

The center of the Browns universe is 2018 first overall pick, QB Baker Mayfield. Mayfield broke Peyton Manning’s rookie record for touchdown passes last season with 27 and it felt like the Browns had finally found a franchise quarterback to take them out of the black hole they’ve lived in throughout most of the team’s history.

But Mayfield has been making headlines since he entered the league and not always in a good way. He has openly spoken his mind about how well the team can do and has clashed with reporters and FS1 analysts, essentially playing right into their games.

It has been entirely unnecessary and against how typical NFL quarterbacks conduct themselves. QBs usually try to keep themselves out of the spotlight as much as possible. They know they are the face of the team and they don’t want to make everyone involved with the team look bad or have any additional pressure put on them to succeed because of unneeded trash-talking or expectations.

The biggest unnecessary shot came this off-season when he took jabs at New York Giants first-round draft pick QB Daniel Jones before he even took a pre-season snap in the league.

Baker later explained his comments were taken out of context but the damage was done.

The Browns were coming off a big victory entering MNF

Entering Monday Night Football, it felt like the super-talented Browns were gaining momentum after a 40-25 victory over their divisional rival Baltimore Ravens. It didn’t take long for that momentum to come to a halt.

After getting the ball first, the Browns punted and then allowed an 84-yard touchdown run to Matt Breida on the 49ers first play of the game. After they got the ball back, Mayfield threw an interception to cornerback Richard Sherman on the following drive. The Browns quickly sunk into a hole and lost 31-3.

After the game, Sherman had this to say about Mayfield after Sherman said he refused to shake hands with him at the pre-game coin toss.

“Respect the game,” “Grow up,” “He hasn’t earned anything in this league.”

Those comments from Sherman were either liked or retweeted later on social media by NFLers such as Chiefs Tyrann Mathieu, Colts Quenton Nelson, Lions Quandre Diggs, and coach Jack Del Rio.

But it does appear that Mayfield did, in fact, shake Sherman’s hand before the coin toss. The confusion comes in afterward, where it appears he ran to the sideline before shaking hands again once the coin toss was done.

Albert Breer of the MMQB reached out to Sherman for clarification.

But that was just the beginning. Rookie defensive end Nick Bosa, the 49ers second overall pick, also had some comments about Mayfield regarding another stunt he pulled back in college – the infamous incident where Mayfield planted an Oklahoma flag on Ohio State’s field.

After one of the sacks that Bosa and the 49ers defense racked up throughout the game, Bosa made the motion of planting a flag. But after the game, he took it one step further and planted a 49ers flag to remind Mayfield that what goes around, comes around.

Baker Mayfield is statistically the worst starting QB in the league

Baker has thrown 8 interceptions, only 4 touchdowns, fumbled 3 times, has a QB rating of 68.5 [out of 158.3] and his completion percentage is 55.9. He finished the 49ers game with only 13.4 QB Rating on 8 of 22 completions for 100 yards, 0 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. I’m still trying to figure out how he got his QB rating up to 13.4 with such a bad game.

Furthermore, his PFN Offensive Share Metric grade was a lousy 6.22, the second-worst of all starting quarterbacks in Week 5. This means that he did not contribute much to the success of the Browns offense when they did have some against the 49ers.

Since coming into the NFL, Mayfield has tried to fast-track his status to the ranks fo the NFL elite. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson that you can’t do that without earning your way to the top first.

Mayfield didn’t think his acts would catch up to him. Against the 49ers on Monday Night Football, they did. Big time.