No Third Possession: Chiefs Would’ve Gone for Two Per Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes

What if the 49ers scored a touchdown on their overtime drive? Patrick Mahomes claims the Chiefs would have attempted a two-point conversion for the win.

What if the San Francisco 49ers scored a touchdown instead of settling for a field goal in their opening overtime possession? What if Patrick Mahomes’ three-yard touchdown to Mecole Hardman tied Super Bowl 58 instead of winning it for the Kansas City Chiefs?

A third possession and double overtime likely would’ve occurred for any other team … but not for the Chiefs, according to Mahomes himself.

Patrick Mahomes Revealed Chiefs Would’ve Gone for the Win

Mahomes, now a three-time Super Bowl Most Valuable Player, was asked on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” if head coach Andy Reid would’ve sent out the field goal unit if the score was 26-25 in favor of the Niners.

“No, we were going for two,” Mahomes bluntly said. “I don’t know if Coach Reid wants me telling everybody. But we would’ve went for two for sure.”

It would’ve been an aggressive tactic — one that would’ve hailed Reid a genius if the Chiefs converted or gotten him torn down by the NFL media and fans for not playing more conservatively.

Regardless, the Chiefs aren’t strangers to taking bold gambles. They dove into the 1948 Rose Bowl bag in the first meeting with the Niners in the big game during a 4th-and-1 scenario, leading to a touchdown.

But while Mahomes blurted out what Kansas City’s plans were if there was a second overtime at stake, one other Chiefs star also answered what they would’ve done.

Chris Jones Shares Chiefs’ Plans

Defensive stalwart Chris Jones — who won his third Super Bowl ring in his Chiefs career — gave his rendition of what Kansas City’s plans were if it faced a one-point deficit that late in the game.

Turns out, Kansas City was already preparing for the new overtime rules before heading to Allegiant Stadium, as well as the possibility of the 49ers scoring a touchdown in their first possession.

“With the new rules changes where both teams can receive the ball, I would’ve gone on defense anyway and try to hold them to three or make them punt,” Jones explained first.

Jones: “We talked through this. For two weeks, we talked about the new overtime rules and how we were going to give the ball to the opponent.”

Jones revealed the Chiefs didn’t have two overtimes or a third possession on their minds.

“If they scored, we was going for two at the end of the game,” Jones said. “We kind of rehearsed it.”

Kansas City prepared for that moment. Jones and the defense knew that Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco offense were not going to play a simple game. They were going to roll the dice — fitting in a city like Las Vegas.

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The Chiefs, though, knew the extra point team was going to stay on the sidelines if Hardman’s touchdown only cut the lead to one. The offense would’ve stayed on the field. Perhaps Reid had another trick play at his disposal.

Still, Mahomes, Jones, and Kansas City escaped Sin City after a Super Bowl featuring some free football.

“I’m exhausted,” Jones said. “I need a drink.”

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