Chiefs-Bills Recap: Patrick Mahomes magical, Josh Allen electric in Divisional Round Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs took down Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills in the NFL's game of the year.

That was the Super Bowl. There are still three more games to come after the Sunday night showdown between Kansas City and Buffalo. But Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs vs. Josh Allen and the Bills was a meeting between the two best teams in the NFL. The Bills were arguably the most dominant regular-season team in 2021, and the Chiefs, well, have Mahomes.

Chiefs-Bills featured unrivaled QB play

Maybe there are quarterbacks in the NFL better than Allen. But there is only one that rivals his ability to blend high-level quarterbacking and his penchant to make you feel like you’ve just shotgunned two Red Bulls on every dropback. Meanwhile, he was up against Mahomes, who will most likely go down as the most gifted passer ever.

This was the league’s Super Bowl. The final minutes were insane. The two most unfair quarterbacks in the playoffs played on Sunday night. Last season’s AFC Championship Game was followed up with an even better second act. Allen is 25. Mahomes is 26. We’re witnessing Tom Brady and Peyton Manning 2.0, but with superchargers attached to their right shoulders and turbos hooked on each leg.

Patrick Mahomes continues to find ways to innovate

Mahomes is not a running quarterback. But as I wrote in my preview of Sunday night’s game, he needed to showcase his ability on the ground to have a chance at beating this Bills defense. He set the tone on the game’s first drive when he scrambled for 34 yards as Buffalo took away Travis Kelce on a third down by playing Cover 1 and doubling him at the sticks. The Bills pass rush opened a lane, and Mahomes scooted right up the middle.

But that was just the beginning. Even when he wasn’t rushing past the line of scrimmage, Mahomes was escaping pressure and creating outside of structure. He consistently kept his eyes downfield and threw strikes on the run.

The Bills pass rush struggled to hone in on Mahomes all night. They constantly had him within arms reach, and he found a way to thwart their efforts time and again. He’s magical. Most of what he does on a football field doesn’t make sense. That was especially true tonight, as he shook and high-stepped himself away from defenders that were supposed to be more athletic than him.

Mahomes takes over with the season on the line

Then, when the Bills took all wind out of the sails of the stadium with a massive fourth-down conversion that resulted in the go-ahead touchdown, Mahomes struck again. On second-and-10 from the Chiefs’ 36, Mahomes threw a strike over the middle to Tyreek Hill, who proved he’s still the most explosive weapon in football.

Then, down 3 points with just 13 seconds left and the ball on the KC 25-yard line, Mahomes hit Hill for 19 yards on first down. After a few timeouts, the Bills somehow allowed Kelce to run free straight downfield for 25 yards. Harrison Butker hit the 49-yard field goal to send the game to overtime.

The coin flip ended the game. Neither defense was going to stop the opposing offense, and the Chiefs won the toss. A Kelce touchdown against Matt Milano in the end zone ended Buffalo’s season. But the performance Allen put on will live for a long time.

Josh Allen is an unfair advantage

On fourth-and-4 with 2:48 left in the fourth quarter from the Kansas City 30-yard line, Allen took the shotgun snap and was immediately met by Melvin Ingram, who’d tossed Spencer Brown aside like a teenage brother throwing his toddler sibling to the ground for breaking his toy.

Allen tried to quickly step up in the pocket where a natural alley had formed, but Ingram showed up in his face. The Bills QB practically stepped on Ingram’s toes.

But Allen somehow stopped his momentum like he was preventing himself from falling off a cliff, drove his feet into the turf to scramble right, and shook Ingram’s ankle tackle. Frank Clark tried to meet him in the open field, but a quick stutter step rendered the Chiefs DE obsolete. Allen picked up 6 yards and the first down.

If that wasn’t enough, on the 17th play of the drive, Allen fired a strike to Gabriel Davis on fourth-and-14 from the Chiefs’ 27-yard line for Davis’ third receiving touchdown of the night. The score gave the Bills a 1-point lead with under two minutes remaining.

Allen goes toe-to-toe with Mahomes

Allen’s drive down the field to take what should have been the game-winning 3-point lead was just as magical. He hit an open Davis on a dig route for 28 yards. He showed outrageous anticipation on a deep stop route by Emmanuel Sanders for 16 yards, then once again hit Davis for the go-ahead score, splitting the safeties on the 19-yard TD. Earlier in the contest, he dropped a pass perfectly in the bucket to Davis that went for a 75-yard score.

Allen was nearly perfect. He didn’t deserve to lose that football game. And this will almost certainly drive the 24-year-old to new heights. There’s no doubting his work ethic. If he didn’t have the will to succeed, Allen would still be that Wyoming product who could barely hit the broad side of a barn.

This rivalry isn’t going anywhere.

Dalton Miller is the Lead NFL Analyst at Pro Football Network. You can read more of his work here and follow him @daltonbmiller on Twitter and Twitch.