Players go undrafted for a reason, but Chicago Bears fans can believe in these three. Emanuel Hall, Dax Raymond, and Alex Bars could be a huge steal for the Windy City.

Plain and simple, the Chicago Bears have the best undrafted free agent class on the offensive side in the NFL. The guys over at The Draft Network gave out a 3rd round grade for all 3 of these players. They had Emanuel Hall as the 13th best wide receiver, Dax Raymond as the 5th best tight end, and Alex Bars as the 8th best interior offensive lineman.

While the Draft Network isn’t the bible, they put in a tremendous amount of work grading these players. The ranking on these players speaks volume, even though some NFL teams would stay away from drafting them.

These three could move the needle for the Bears.

Emanuel Hall- WR – Missouri

The Bears have a deep receiver core with 4 locked into the 53 man roster. Allen Robinson, Anthony Miller, Taylor Gabriel, and Cordarrelle Patterson. They also added Riley Ridley in the fourth round. Despite what looks like a loaded room and 22 other teams wanting him, Hall wanted to be in Chicago. After talking with other teams, receivers coach Mike Furrey made the biggest impression on him. Hall would say, “I had a ton of opportunities but coach Furrey, he is the best of the best, I think we connected very well through my visits. I trust this coaching staff.”

“I was kind of looking at the depth chart, but at the end of the day I’m confident in my abilities and I know coach [Mike] Furrey can take me to a whole new level,” Hall said. “Who’s on the depth chart, who’s not on the depth chart really isn’t a matter of mind to me. At the end of the day, my work is going to prove for itself, my results are going to prove for itself and that’s what I plan to do.”

Dax Raymond – TE – Utah State

It’s hard to get too hyped over a guy who didn’t get drafted. That said, I just don’t see a way Raymond doesn’t make the 53 man roster. With the tight end room not as loaded as the wide receiver room, it feels like the third TE spot is his to lose behind Trey Burton and Adam Shaheen.

After rookie mini-camp coach Nagy said “He has big hands and usually when you have big hands you catch a lot of footballs, and he did that. He’s shown that on tape, that he has a really good skill set. I was happy with what he did this week.”

Coach Nagy and his staff sound excited to have landed Raymond and you should be excited as well. I still don’t know how he went undrafted. I love Raymond’s chances to make the team.

“You saw some of that, right?” Matt Nagy replied when PFW queried Sunday about Raymond’s strong work in the red zone, where, among his multiple touchdowns, was one of the high-pointing, snatch-away-from-the-body, toe-tapping variety. “He made a catch in the back of the end zone. He has big hands, and usually when you have big hands you catch a lot of footballs, and he did that. He’s shown that on tape. He has a really good skill set. I was happy with what he did this week.”

Alex Bars – IOL – Notre Dame

Alex Bars to the Chicago Bears is the perfect fit. As a captain for Notre Dame in 2018, he is now reunited with his former position coach Harry Hiestand, who joined Bears coach Matt Nagy’s staff as the offensive line coach last winter.

Alex Bars seemed like the guy every single fan wanted their team to draft in the late rounds. He’s a player who struggled with injuries, but when healthy was a legit third round talent. The Bears now have him as a UDFA in a can’t lose situation. The hope is he reconnects with his college coach and rehabs his way back into the healthy and talented player he has shown on tape.

The Bears have done a great job in rounding out an already talented squad. Bars, Raymond, and Hall are another example of the team closing the gap to bring a championship back to Chicago.