While we are living in crazy, unprecedented times we can enjoy some solace of normality in the fact that football is back in our lives. It feels like a long, long time ago that the Kansas City Chiefs hoisted aloft the Vince Lombardi Trophy at a packed-out Hard Rock Stadium in Florida. Some teams are allowing fans into stadiums at a reduced capacity, while others are playing completely behind closed doors – needless to say, this season is going to be like no other.

Whatever happens on the field, this will be a season that won’t ever be forgotten. The fans’ experience is going to be different, which cannot be denied, but that certainly doesn’t mean that the passion doesn’t burn as bright as any other year. From keeping an eye on sport weekly ads for the latest deals to getting yourself NFL season-ready, here are your definitive five items to get your hands on.

New Team Jersey

What is a fan without their team’s jersey? Absolutely nothing and it needs to be one of the first things on your new season shopping list. Even if you cannot be there at the stadium cheering your team on, wearing your colors with pride at home or in public is the next best thing.

If you are reading this in the hope of finding some kind of inspiration for what to buy the football-mad person in your life, then a jersey simply has to be your first thought. Make sure to keep an eye on seasonal deals and weekly ads as you just might be able to pick up a jersey at a discounted price, which is more than handy because they are far from the cheapest thing to buy.

NFL Game Pass

The NFL Game Pass is an essential subscription for football fans that want to keep abreast of all the action throughout the season. With highlights, interviews, and more content all at the tip of your fingers – ideal for those morning commutes and lunch breaks stuck at work – it’s everything the fan could hope for. This is the next best thing to being in the stadium, soaking up the game-day atmosphere that just cannot be replicated.

Beer Glass

Beer! It’s a staple of the game-day experience. Snacks and beer are part of the American sporting tradition as fans would normally congregate together and have a good time. We have already established that, right now, that isn’t possible and we yearn for the days when we can once again step back inside a stadium or watch the game with our friends and family at a sports bar. Until then, a franchise-branded beer glass, ideally filled with an ice-cold beverage, is the next best thing.

Team Face Mask

If your team is one of the few that are welcoming teams into the stadium (or as your team begins to open its venue’s doors once again), face masks will be a must. In this so-called new normal, face masks are a must in many circumstances, one of which will be to attend live events when social distancing isn’t as easy. Before 2020, you would never have even considered investing in a face mask, never mind a face mask with your team’s logo splashed across it but here we are.

This is, quite literally, this season’s must-have accessory and will help us to return back to normality which is what we all crave. You will no doubt have seen daily and weekly ads pushing the use of face masks and it is all for a good reason, so you might as well utilize this necessity as a means of wearing your colors with pride.


Last, but by no means least, is a football! Either before or after the game, you and friends and family can play out your own games and pretend you are your icons. Whether you dream of being Tom Brady, Eli Manning, or Aaron Rodgers, that is completely up to you!

That brings an end to our list of five must-have items to buy for the NFL season. This year is going to be a little different from what we are used to and while things are a little uncertain, remember to take note of weekly ads on the current public health situation to help see us enjoy the simple pleasure in life once more that we once took for granted.