Chad Johnson and Tom Brady’s Pro Bowl Setup Would See Legends Play Against Current Stars

If it was up to Chad Johnson and Tom Brady, the NFL Pro Bowl would pit current day stars versus stars of yesterday -- and it would be fun to watch.

Over the years, many changes have been made to the NFL Pro Bowl game. The NFL has gone as far as changing how the teams were picked and getting away from the traditional conference alignments, to getting rid of the actual game altogether.

The league has spent the last few years desperately trying to find the right way to approach the festivities in hopes of drawing more attention and providing a better product.

However, the one thing they haven’t done yet is ask Chad Johnson and Tom Brady what they think they should do. If they had, they might have come up with something completely out of left field, but extremely entertaining to ponder.

Chad Johnson and Tom Brady’s Pro Bowl Idea

When discussing just how to fix the Pro Bowl games and what the league can do to make it more interesting to fans, the former NFL star wide receiver offered a unique idea that he thinks could fix it all.

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“The Pro Bowl should have the Pro Bowlers from current vs. the past,” Johnson stated. From there, Brady caught wind of the idea and added his two cents to the matter stating what he thinks he would be able to do with some chosen teammates.

“Give me Chad and Randy (Moss) on the outside, and we’re putting 35 next week,” Brady said.

How fun would that be? If Tom and crew got to line up against the likes of Jalen Ramsey and DaRon Bland, with Johnson and Moss on the outside in the name of the NFL Pro Bowl, it would surely be box office.

NFL Is Hopeful Regarding the Pro Bowl

While it can be assumed this is just a joke between two greats talking about the good ol’ days, the idea of improving the Pro Bowl and using out-of-the-box thinking isn’t a foreign thought.

With the NFL constantly looking to improve the experience and make it a more enjoyable product, the idea of collecting some former NFL stars of the past and pitting them against the stars of today in some sort of competitive fashion may not be that crazy of an idea.

Just what that will look like and how many future adjustments to the event they will look to make, one thing is clear, the NFL and the players want this to still be a thing. Hopefully, getting rid of it all together is off the table.

Maybe these two are onto something after all.

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