‘I Would Thump Max Holloway’s Chin’ — Chad Johnson Thinks He Can Compete Against UFC BMF Champion

    Chad Johnson is as confident an NFL player as we have ever seen, and that was again on display when he was talking about Max Holloway.

    If you are a UFC fan or even a sports fan, you saw the end of the Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje BMF championship fight this past weekend at UFC 300.

    Holloway had the fight all but won, but with 10 seconds left, he told Gaethje to meet him in the middle of the octagon. What ensued was absolute chaos, as the two UFC fighters threw punches with reckless abandon. It ended with Holloway knocking Gaethje out in one of the most devastating knockouts in the history of the sport and earning Holloway $600,000 in bonuses.

    Despite that, former NFL star Chad Johnson didn’t see enough from Holloway to make him think he couldn’t last a while against Holloway in a fight.

    Chad Johnson Says He Could Compete Very Well Against Max Holloway

    During his YouTube show with Shannon Sharpe, one of the topics was that incredible knockout victory by Holloway.

    Johnson, who has never been lacking self-confidence, asked Sharpe when he thought Holloway would eventually pull away for the win.

    “30 seconds,” Sharpe said. “I’m putting all my money, I am taking out all the money I got, everything I own, and putting it on Max Holloway. He would beat the brakes off you and two more people just like you.”

    This didn’t sit well with Johnson, who went on to challenge Holloway to some sparring between now and his next fight.

    “Max Holloway, if you see this, if you have any time during your break until your next fight, please, let’s spar,” Johnson said. “Let’s get some footage, and I just want to show Uncle Sharpe. Please, congratulations on the win, but please.”

    After Sharpe responded by saying that Johnson was an entry-level boxer, this is where Johnson’s competitive spirit took over.

    “Entry,” Johnson said. “Man, I would thump Max Holloway’s chin; don’t play with me like that. What are you talking about? I am built for that.”

    Holloway figures to have some time off after that big-time victory, but he also did respond by telling Johnson if he was ever in Hawaii he should reach out.

    Could we see a sparring match between Holloway and Johnson? Probably not, but for Johnson’s sake, hopefully Holloway doesn’t point to the ground and tell him to meet in the middle.

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