Cam Newton Predictions: A backup role with the Bears or 49ers is a nice fit

As quarterback landing spots continue to dry up, what are our latest predictions as to where Cam Newton might go in free agency?

With NFL free agency officially beginning, players will be signing quickly and filling spots on rosters. What are our latest predictions as to where Cam Newton will land in free agency?

Predictions for Cam Newton in 2022 NFL free agency

Newton is a former NFL MVP. He played in a Super Bowl. Newton has been incredibly successful over the past decade.

Unfortunately, Newton’s play style does not lend itself to a lengthy career. While not a one-to-one comparison, Michael Vick was done at age 32 (and he missed his age-27 and age-28 seasons entirely).

Newton has taken substantial punishment over the course of his career. It’s been four years since he’s been an effective NFL starting quarterback. Last season, the Patriots cut him in August, and he didn’t find another job until halfway through the regular season.

During his second stint with the Panthers, Newton proved two things. First, he still deserves a spot on an NFL roster. Second, he’s no longer a starting quarterback in the NFL. As a result, if Newton wants to continue his career, he is almost certainly going to have to accept a backup role. Where might that be?

Chicago Bears

In 2021, the Bears rostered two competent backup quarterbacks in Andy Dalton and Nick Foles. Dalton is now a free agent and unlikely to be back. Regardless of whether they keep Foles, replacing Dalton with Newton makes a lot of sense.

NFL teams would be better served taking a page out of the Ravens’ book and backing up their starter with a quarterback with a similar play style. Fields is mobile with a big arm. Newton would fit in well behind Fields — assuming, of course, he’s willing to help the kid, knowing he’s only playing if Fields gets hurt.

Last year, the Panthers gave Newton $6 million to play out the remainder of the 2021 season. That feels like his absolute ceiling for 2022.

Wherever Newton ends up, I’m expecting a one-year deal worth somewhere between $3-5 million.

San Francisco 49ers

This one is similar to the Bears’ situation. The assumption is the 49ers will trade Jimmy Garoppolo and hand the keys over to Trey Lance. If that doesn’t happen, then completely disregard this. If it is Lance time, the 49ers need a new backup quarterback.

Newton fits as well in San Francisco as he would in Chicago. Lance, like Fields, is mobile with a big arm. Newton also makes sense in San Francisco as a mentor to Lance and a guy that can play in a pinch.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills have always been diligent with their backup quarterback. Josh Allen hasn’t made them need one, but they don’t completely ignore the position. After losing Mitch Trubisky to the Steelers, they are currently without a quarterback on the roster behind Allen.

Newton isn’t exactly the type of quarterback the Bills go after, but he does make sense. He’s athletic and physically similar to Allen. Newton is capable enough to keep them in games if forced to make starts. A one-year deal for $3-5 million works.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos have employed Brett Rypien for two seasons now. During both seasons, he was their third-string quarterback. As of right now, he’s the backup. I don’t see the Broncos going into the season without someone above him.

In Denver, Newton would get a chance to team with Russell Wilson and be on a team that can win the Super Bowl. He could also fill in admirably if Wilson were to miss time similar to what Geno Smith did last season.

Ultimately, Newton needs to decide if he’s okay with being a pure backup. If not, he could just wait until a starting job inevitably opens up in-season due to injuries. My money is on Newton signing a one-year deal to be one of the better backup quarterbacks in the NFL.

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