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Buffalo Bills: Now isn’t the time to look ahead

Photo Credit: USA Today

Everything is starting exactly how it should for the Buffalo Bills in 2019. Two games, two wins, and relatively a clean bill of health on both sides of the football. Head coach Sean McDermott has to be thrilled, especially due to the fact that he’s walked away with wins against two of the best running backs in the National Football League.

The defense is to thank for the solid start to the season. Holding the New York Jets and New York Giants to 16 and 14 points, respectively, McDermott’s defense is picking up right where it left off from 2018. And just as everyone predicted, Trent Murphy recorded the first interception for Buffalo’s defense this season.

It’s all roses and sunshine for the NFL’s only team in the state of New York, as quarterback Josh Allen would be happy to remind you. Fans are happy with the progress shown from the aforementioned QB, and the Cincinnati Bengals are next on the schedule.

Don’t let success beat preparation

As mentioned, the Bengals are next for the Bills. Two teams that have virtually nothing in common: Bengals are 0-2 while the Bills are at 2-0. A rookie head coach against a veteran with playoff experience. A QB everyone could do without against a QB beloved by an entire fanbase.

Actually, let’s take a step back. Andy Dalton, along with wide receiver Tyler Boyd, has been fan favorites in Buffalo ever since their last-second touchdown in 2016 eliminated the Baltimore Ravens and put the Bills in the playoffs. 

Bills fans will cheer for Dalton when he takes the field at New Era Field in Orchard Park on Sunday. Maybe an odd moment to those outside either fan base but a special one Bills Mafia.

On paper, Buffalo looks like the clear favorite. Ambitions are high this season as general manager Brandon Beane continues to put his stamp on the Bills organization. The players brought in, both with talent experience, are in town to win games like this. Games you should win.

With any game, on any given Sunday, it’s easy to overlook. Especially with the New England Patriots on the horizon.

The Bills need to be good, not good enough

It’s easy to beat yourself. In any facet of life, preparation is key. Without it, chances of failing increase exponentially. The Bills, who are going for their first 3-0 start since 2010, are all-too-often a team looks at as “beats themselves.” 

Since Tom Brady and the Patriots started their dynasty, the Bills have only beat the Patriots four times. However, in “overlook” games, or games played the week before Buffalo faces New England, the Bills are 19-12.

Assuredly, McDermott won’t allow players to look ahead. While Cincinnati may not be talked about when mentioning the leagues’ elites, neither is Buffalo. A 2-0 start doesn’t constitute any pass, or easy win fans might expect going into this week.

A win on Sunday, against a team in-conference, will go a long way when the Bills and Patriots matchup for the first time in less than two weeks. As of now, Buffalo looks to be the only competent organization in the AFC East interested in competing with the Patriots. We’ll find out soon if they actually can.

Tyler Olson is a writer for PFN covering the Buffalo Bills. You can follow him @to2471 on Twitter.

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