The juicy betting market on Philip Rivers to the Indianapolis Colts

The PFN betting team weaponizes the inside information Tony Pauline is hearing from sources at the Combine. The belief is Philip Rivers will join the Indianapolis Colts in free agency.

If you’re in the betting world, you know the market can change in the snap of a finger. When you’re betting on former Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers going to the Indianapolis Colts in free agency, and information leaks from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, books may shut the prop down and go into protection mode. As of this writing, the Fan Duel sportsbook still has Rivers props available, so time is of the essence should you like this lean. And you should, because it’s weaponizing information from PFN insider Tony Pauline.

Philip Rivers to Indianapolis Colts betting odds

Tampa Bay +170

Indianapolis +200

No team/retired +500

Las Vegas +1000

Miami +1000

Chicago +1200

Carolina +1400

Tennessee +1600

New England +3400

Remember hearing teams electing to send fewer people to the NFL Combine? That’s because people talk, some of them a lot. The +200 value of the Colts is simply too much to pass up. Considering Rivers’ prolific fatherhood, more than doubling his number of children thrice, it’s not ludicrous to expect him to double your bet here.

From a football standpoint, it makes total sense, hence why the Colts have been one of the two frontrunners for the “win” in this prop bet — the other team being the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rivers immediately begins playing behind one of the best offensive lines in football, but even if the injury bug flares up, Colts head coach Frank Reich and quarterbacks coach Marcus Brady will possess a capable backup in Jacoby Brissett. Rivers and Reich already have a great rapport.

If the Colts are indeed the landing spot for Rivers’ services, they’ll be banking on a better ratio than 23 touchdowns to 20 interceptions. It was Rivers’ worst ratio in over a decade. With the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans making the playoffs, the Colts know they have work to do to bridge the gap — but the shelf is by no means bare, this is a talented all-around team that could seriously benefit from improved quarterback play.

If Tony Pauline’s inside information and relentless pursuit of the truth weren’t enough, Ian Rapoport would later go on to tweet the following:

Thus, for insurance purposes, with the Las Vegas Raiders sitting at +1000, you could throw a small wager to hedge your risk if the Colts news seems too good to be true. However, Colts and Buccaneers have been the frontrunners since this prop bet opened, and insiders in NFL circles are hearing it might happen. Consider the bet before books close shop!

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