The 2020 NFL Draft is only a couple of days away, so the Against the Spread podcast decided to break down an in-depth mock draft with some player prop analysis. Host Ryan Gosling is joined by Handle Your Business host George Templeton and senior gambling writer for PFN, Chris Smith. The three of them take the time to break down the brand new PFN Mock Draft Simulator and use it to get an idea of what draft night could look like. They also add some props based on where some prospects fell.

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PFN launches 2021 Mock Draft Simulator!
Although the 2021 draft season is almost a year away, it is never too early to start building your favorite team with future draft prospects. The PFN Mock Draft Simulator has been updated to include over 350 prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft Class. Choose your speed, trade all you want (for free), and put together a winning draft class for your favorite team! Click here to enter the simulator!

A surprise trade to get things started

When Ryan started the simulator, things started off calm. Burrow, Young, and Okudah all went in the top three. Then, further down the list, the New Orleans Saints decided to make a surprising trade with Carolina to grab Justin Herbert. As unlikely as this is to happen, it did show us that anything is possible come draft night.

As the mock draft progressed, the trio broke down each player, providing some insight into where they think they will land and if there is any value left in some prop markets. A consensus play was the New York Jets deciding to draft a wide receiver at +120. George, Ryan, and Chris can all see Jerry Jeudy or CeeDee Lamb heading to New York. Yes, they need offensive line help, but Sam Darnold needs weapons.

Near the back end, we saw a couple more trades. Nothing substantial, but enough to have the guys wondering if the real draft night might be as calm as the mock. Will the virtual aspect ensure that GMs keep things close to the chest, or will the lack of war rooms make trades more present than other years? Let’s hope for chaos!