Aaron Rodgers Landing Spots: Could the Broncos, Raiders, or Dolphins be potential destinations?

    What are the potential landing spots for QB Aaron Rodgers if he were to leave the Green Bay Packers this offseason?

    After Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers were the centers of attention last offseason, where could his potential landing spots be in 2022 if the drama increases again this offseason? Let’s take a look at the situation regarding Rodgers’ contract and which teams could be in the picture for acquiring the 2020 NFL MVP.

    Aaron Rodgers landing spots

    The situation with Rodgers’ contract is extremely interesting this offseason. Heading into the final year of his deal, he is due to count $46.1 million against the cap for the Packers. If they were to trade him before June 1, he would leave behind $26.8 million in dead money. If the team trades him after June 1, that total would split as $19.2 million in 2022 and $7.7 million in 2023.

    That would leave Rodgers with a $500,000 workout bonus and $26.5 million in base salary in 2022. That is relatively nothing to take on to acquire a player just one season removed from being the league MVP. Additionally, the team adding Rodgers could restructure or extend his contract, meaning cap space should not be a restrictive factor for any club.

    Could the Miami Dolphins look to a different veteran QB than Deshaun Watson?

    All the eyes have been on the Dolphins trading for Deshaun Watson, but what if they switch their attention to Rodgers? While Rodgers comes with his own unique controversies, it is much less of a gamble to trade for him than Watson. Acquiring Rodgers would immediately put Miami’s roster into a Super Bowl window. They would need some more additions, but the window would be there.

    Acquiring Rodgers would be somewhat harsh to Tua Tagovailoa, who has been a top QB in terms of adding value to the offense, per PFN’s Offensive Value Metric. However, Rodgers is undoubtedly a better player, and he could navigate a less-than-perfect roster on a deep playoff run. The thinking would certainly be more of a short-term move, but the Dolphins seem willing to push their chips in right now.

    Would the Washington Football Team make a play for Aaron Rodgers?

    This is an extremely intriguing potential landing spot for Rodgers. Taylor Heinicke has improved, but to think he is the future face of the franchise seems misguided. Heading into this offseason, Washington has a huge need at QB, and Rodgers could fill that hole.

    The question is whether this roster is just one star QB away from winning? It didn’t seem that way early in the season when WFT’s defense was struggling. Yet, their post-bye week improvement suggests this roster has the talent if they can all stay healthy. There are a number of Washington-related subplots here, but this trade could make them instantly relevant on a national stage.

    The Denver Broncos are seemingly just a QB away from competing

    Every year, we hear about how the Broncos roster has the talent — and every year, they disappoint. Not all of that is on the QB play, but it’s evident their defense is among the best in the league. They need to make some improvements on their offensive line, but this is a very talented, Super Bowl-ready roster.

    The other good element is that the Broncos have plenty of projected cap space. With 39 players already signed into next year, they have close to $50 million in cap space. That is enough to add Rodgers and bring in some supporting talent around him. We have already seen the Broncos gamble on a Hall of Fame-worthy QB in the twilight of his career and reap the rewards. Why not try it again?

    Could Rodgers head to Pittsburgh to replace Ben Roethlisberger?

    This might be the most intriguing of all the landing spots. The Steelers have a solid roster, including some good pass-catching weapons. The offensive line is a concern, but Pittsburgh has $43.7 million in projected cap space to improve this offseason. They would need to be willing to go all-in on the 2022 campaign, but that never seems to be a huge problem for this perennial AFC contender.

    The big sticking point is whether Rodgers would feel he has the control he craves in Pittsburgh. Mike Tomlin rules with an iron fist, and ownership generally trusts the front office and coaching staff. This is a historic franchise that likes to do things their way. Does that remind you of another NFL team?

    Could the Las Vegas Raiders roll the dice on Rodgers this offseason?

    The Raiders are in a fascinating position this offseason, which makes this a fascinating landing spot for Rodgers if he leaves the Packers. Las Vegas needs a new head coach after dismissing Jon Gruden.

    Moreover, they would have no dead money on Derek Carr’s contract if they were to move on. Carr is a fine NFL QB, but is he the star that can capture a new fanbase and lead them to the promised land?

    Bringing Rodgers into Vegas would undoubtedly ramp up the excitement of the fanbase. The Raiders have looked good this year but ultimately keep falling short. When they have, it has often been Carr in the spotlight.

    If you can take that $19.9 million owed to Carr and turn it into Rodgers at just over $26 million, you don’t need to spend much time contemplating it. Rodgers would have the opportunity to move to the lights of Vegas and be the face of a franchise that does not seem to be far away from challenging.

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