Do Miami Dolphins Fear New Jet Aaron Rodgers? Bradley Chubb Sure Doesn’t Seem To

Miami Dolphins pass rusher Bradley Chubb can't wait to get back on the field this fall -- and can't wait to get a chance to sack Jets QB Aaron Rodgers.

The Miami Dolphins announced their 2023 first-round pick two days before any team goes on the clock.

Pass rusher Bradley Chubb, acquired midseason from Denver for a package of picks including the Dolphins’ first-rounder in 2023, met with reporters Tuesday as Miami continues its offseason program.

Chubb weighed in on a variety of issues, including the New York Jets’ acquisition of four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers, new defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, and Chubb’s performance as a Dolphin in 2022.

Miami Dolphins’ Bradley Chubb Reacts To Aaron Rodgers Trade

Chubb’s Zoom meeting with Miami-based reporters came a day after the Jets and Packers agreed on trade terms that finally delivered Rodgers to Gotham.

That trade reignited Jets Super Bowl chatter nationally, and — intentionally or not — relegated the Dolphins to No. 3 in the AFC East in the eyes of many, including the betting public.

But the Dolphins are built to compete with anyone in the division and have a stable of pass rushers determined to get after Rodgers in the teams’ two meetings this fall.

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“I’m excited, man,” Chubb said when asked about Rodgers’ address change. “It’s an opportunity to play against one of the best quarterbacks that ever played the game. I’m excited to compete against that twice a year.

“… It brings out the best in everybody. Everybody knows that. Yeah, we got A-Rod this week, so we got to be on our Ps and Qs, and now we just got a division full of great quarterbacks, man,” Chubb continued. “So I’m excited to be in the mix and be competing towards the end of the year when it really counts and stuff like that.

“So it’s gonna be fun, man. I know he’s excited to play — You know what I’m saying? — a lot of good edge rushers we’ve got in this division as well, so it’s gonna be fun.”

Bradley Chubb Reflects on 2022 Season

Chubb is putting in work now to help ensure a much better year in 2023 than what he put on tape in 2022, particularly after his trade to Miami.

In eight games with the Dolphins, he had roughly as many sacks (2.5) as injuries (hand and ankle).

“I was up and down with it, you know, just, coming in, grasping a whole new defense, grasping a whole new set of teammates,” Chubb said. “I feel like I did OK. I for sure held myself to a higher standard. I wanted to come in and be that guy that got 10 sacks in half a season and stuff like that.

“But everything doesn’t work out like that,” he added. “… So that was discouraging, but I just look back at all that as fuel for this year, man. Just seeing where I could have been, where this team could have been, where we had so many high expectations with me coming in and finishing out with just a playoff berth. That’s not what the goal is.

“That’s not what the standard is. So it was, it was cool to be able to experience that. That was my first time in the playoffs. But we, this team, and this organization, has so many bigger things ahead of us that we just use. I’m using that for sure as fuel.”

Bradley Chubb on Reuniting With Vic Fangio

A reason to be bullish on Chubb? Scheme comfortability. In the offseason, the Dolphins hired Vic Fangio to be their new defensive coordinator.

Fangio and Chubb worked together for three years in Denver, including in 2020, when Chubb generated 7.5 sacks.

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Asked about the reunion Tuesday, Chubb replied:

“Oh, yeah, man, that’s one of my favorite coaches that I’ve been in the room with, just because he expects so much out of his players. He’s gonna keep it straight up with you. If he calls a player and you didn’t execute, he’s gonna ask you, ‘why didn’t you execute? I put you in a position to execute. Why didn’t you?’ So, I mean, and, and this, this, high-paced game we play, man, that’s what you need.

“You just need that transparency. You need somebody to be on you a little bit when you hold you to that standard that we hold ourselves to. So, that’s what he’s gonna do, and I’m excited about it.”

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