A look at futures bets for the 2021 NFL season

The free agency period is slowing down, and it is becoming much easier to assess the power rankings and predict the outcomes of the upcoming games. Therefore, online sportsbooks have come out with betting odds for the season. To find the best sportsbook for your betting endeavors, you can take a look at a review of the best bookmakers, such as the one offered by Sporty Trader.

Today, we’ll look at futures bets and the power rankings affecting the odds to help you understand where each team stands.

Why Should You Bet on the Upcoming Games?

Placing futures bets on the NFL can prove to be extremely rewarding. If you have a high level of knowledge of the power rankings and can successfully predict how the teams will fare in the offseason, trade market, and the NFL Draft, you may have a chance to score some huge wins if you bet months in advance.

For instance, if the Miami Dolphins were to sign the Texan quarterback Deshaun Watson, they could considerably improve their Super Bowl odds. Therefore, if you bet on the Dolphins now while their odds are still high, you will be at a significant advantage once the odds drop.

On the other hand, there is also a risk associated with betting in advance. Watson could just as well remain with the Houston Texans, and the Miami Dolphins could decide to keep Tua Tagovailoa as their quarterback. Nonetheless, the uncertainty and the suspense are also part of the thrill.

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Teams to Look Out For During the Upcoming Season

The top of the odds boards features some of the teams you would certainly expect to find there.

Last season’s finalists — the Buccaneers, the Chiefs, and the Packers have some of the lowest odds to win the next Super Bowl.

Other teams with relatively low Super Bowl odds include the Dolphins, the Cowboys, the 49ers, the Cardinals, and the Chargers. This is not surprising, considering their performance in the past season.

Spending a record-breaking $165 million in free agency improved the New England Patriots’ odds considerably in mid-March.

The middle-range currently belongs to the Vikings, the Bears, and the Raiders, since their odds of winning are neither too high nor too low. The biggest underdogs are the Bengals, the Jets, the Texans, and the Lions, with some of the highest odds for the season.

The free agency period changed the situation considerably for many teams. For instance, the Los Angeles Rams’ odds improved after they signed Matthew Stafford, the former quarterback of Detroit Lions. This launched the Rams into sixth place on the odds board before teams like the Saints and the Seahawks.

Unfortunately, the Lions took a blow when they traded Stafford and took in Jarred Goff, which sent their odds soaring.

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