49ers Hall of Famer Offers Surprising Option That He Would Take Over 2023 Brock Purdy

In the never-ending debate regarding Brock Purdy, one 49ers legend has an interesting take regarding the QB and who he'd rather have instead.

Since the moment Brock Purdy took over for Jimmy Garoppolo, the former Mr. Irrelevant has had tremendous success in the NFL as the San Francisco 49ers’ starting quarterback. The amount of credit he deserves for the 49ers’ potent offense, however, has been heavily debated.

While Purdy has put up terrific numbers, his skeptics believe it is more of a direct result of head coach Kyle Shanahan’s offense and the playmakers around him in Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, and George Kittle.

While Purdy has frequently been compared to his peers, wondering how much success they would have in his position in San Francisco’s offense, one 49ers legend said he would take the 2012 version of Colin Kaepernick over him.

San Francisco 49ers Legend Said He Is Taking Colin Kaepernick Over Brock Purdy

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and he’s probably not the only one to share the sentiment, but when a former 49ers great like Patrick Willis says he would take Kaepernick over Purdy, it raises a few eyebrows.

“I’m gonna have to take Kaep. A lot of people can go back and [nitpick] … towards his last couple of years or whatnot with the Niners or his last year with the Niners; he did what he needed to do,” Willis said.

“It may not have been in a way that, in a traditional quarterback throwing way, but, man, [Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III,] you guys were something electrifying. But man, Purdy, that’s a tough one, man. I love ’em, 1A and 1B.”

Willis was in no way discrediting Purdy’s body of work but rather stating from a place of experience that he would rather have the QB he played with lead this current 49ers team.

Kaepernick, much like Purdy, led the 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance, and he too fell short in the big game. However, as Willis explains, the knock on Kaepernick was his unconventional play and how it did not look like the traditional way of playing QB at the time.

The discourse, while different, is still rooted in limitations, much like the way Purdy is viewed in the current day. People tend to lean on the weapons around him as the reason for his success rather than his ability to run the Kyle Shanahan offense. It’s a credit to the coach while also being a knock to Purdy.

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However, until Purdy wins the big game, the conversation will only grow in volume, and even if they do win, it may never actually go away.

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