2024 NFL Draft Big Board: Caleb Williams, Marvin Harrison Jr. Highlight an Exciting Incoming Group

    The 2023 college football season has begun. Who joins Caleb Williams at the top of the initial 2024 NFL Draft Big Board?

    The time has come to move on to the 2024 NFL Draft cycle. As we turn the page to the next class, what does the initial 2024 NFL Draft Big Board look like? Which schools are most heavily represented, and who are the top prospects on the board? All those questions are answered below.

    2024 NFL Draft Big Board

    The 2023 season has begun, and the order will change somewhat through that action. But as it stands, several potential blue-chip prospects are already lingering at the top of the 2024 NFL Draft class — among them a talented legacy WR, a complete OT, a mismatch-generating TE, and two traits-rich QBs.

    Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State

    The 2023 NFL Draft lacked sufficient talented WR prospects, but the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft is expected to make up for it. Marvin Harrison Jr. from Ohio State exhibits promising potential as a top-tier WR talent, following in the footsteps of renowned players such as A.J. Green, DeAndre Hopkins, and Julio Jones.

    In 2022, Harrison had an impressive performance, with 77 catches, 1,263 yards, and 14 touchdowns. At 6’4″ and 205 pounds, he poses a significant size threat and has excellent catching instincts. Additionally, he is a skilled separator and smooth athlete, often putting defensive backs in difficult positions before using his strong grip to make a catch.

    Caleb Williams, QB, USC

    Every once in a while, a quarterback prospect emerges who is so highly anticipated that he is projected to be the top pick in the draft years before he is even eligible. Andrew Luck and Trevor Lawrence were such prospects, and Caleb Williams is also in that elite category leading up to the 2024 NFL Draft.

    Williams may not be considered a generational prospect at this time, but his potential is generating a lot of excitement. He had an outstanding season, winning the Heisman trophy and accumulating 4,537 passing yards, 52 total touchdowns, and only five interceptions.

    At 6’1″ and 215 pounds, Williams possesses rare creativity and arm flexibility, and his competitive toughness is readily apparent.

    Olumuyiwa Fashanu, OT, Penn State

    If Olumuyiwa Fashanu had declared as a redshirt sophomore, he would have been a top pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. However, he chose to finish his college degree instead.

    Despite the delay, NFL interest in Fashanu remains strong. He is an exceptional tackle prospect with the skills to be a dominant blocker. As long as he doesn’t regress, he will be a valuable addition to any team.

    Fashanu stands tall at 6’6″ and weighs 308 pounds, making him an impressive athlete with great size, frame density, and length. He is explosive and full of energy, making him a great asset when it comes to run blocking.

    He has quick feet and is flexible, which allows him to match rushers effectively. What’s more, he has impressive skills for his age and an exceptional core strength that allows him to overpower rushers.

    Drake Maye, QB, North Carolina

    It seems that Williams is currently considered the top quarterback prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft. However, there is another potential contender for that position: Drake Maye from North Carolina. Maye was one of the best playmakers in the country in 2022, throwing for 4,321 yards and 38 touchdowns while also rushing for 698 yards and seven scores.

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    At 6’4″ and 220 pounds, Maye has the ideal size for a quarterback, but he is also a remarkable athlete with quickness and agility that allow him to extend plays. Additionally, he has an impressive arm, capable of throwing with both velocity and accuracy.

    Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia

    Brock Bowers could have been an early-round pick as a true freshman. Some guys just have it, and Bowers falls under that distinction. He caught 56 passes for 882 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2021 before racking up 63 catches for 942 yards and seven scores a season later.

    In today’s NFL, tight ends who can move well are increasingly sought after, and Bowers is among the best at catching passes. Standing at 6’4″ and weighing 230 pounds, he possesses impressive size and strength on the field.

    Additionally, his acceleration is effortless, and he has tremendous speed and agility. Bowers naturally adjusts his body position to catch high passes, and if he’s given room to maneuver, he’s a difficult player to stop.

    Big Board: 2024 NFL Draft Prospects

    RankNamePositionSchoolDaltonIan VIan C
    1Marvin Harrison Jr.WROhio State221
    2Caleb WilliamsQBUSC113
    3Olumuyiwa FashanuOTPenn State454
    4Drake MayeQBNorth Carolina562
    5Brock BowersTEGeorgia376
    6Kool-Aid McKinstryCBAlabama649
    7Jared VerseEDGEFlorida State838
    8JC LathamOTAlabama7105
    9Emeka EgbukaWROhio State9127
    10Joe AltOTNotre Dame11813
    11Dallas TurnerEDGEAlabama121114
    12Malik NabersWRLSU161512
    13Maason SmithDTLSU10925
    14Kalen KingCBPenn State132017
    15Jer'Zhan NewtonDTIllinois201618
    16Bralen TriceEDGEWashington181820
    17Barrett CarterLBClemson242310
    18Kamren KinchensSMiami (FL)221721
    19Cooper DeJeanCBIowa143116
    20Andrew MukubaSClemson311911
    21J.T. TuimoloauEDGEOhio StateNR1428
    22Kingsley SuamataiaOTBYU232619
    23TreVeyon HendersonRBOhio StateNR2226
    24Rome OdunzeWRWashington192529
    25Raheim SandersRBArkansas283622
    26Kris JenkinsDTMichigan173739
    27Ruke OrhorhoroDTClemsonNR2738
    28Bo NixQBOregon393227
    29Donovan JacksonOGOhio State353331
    30Xavier WorthyWRTexas214837
    31Jeremiah Trotter Jr.LBClemson304433
    32Jordan TravisQBFlorida StateNR2943
    33Troy FranklinWROregon502830
    34Sedrick Van PranOCGeorgia154746
    35Keon ColemanWRFlorida StateNR6015
    36Chop RobinsonEDGEPenn State333449
    37Will ShipleyRBClemsonNR4335
    38Cooper BeebeOGKansas State292465
    39Decorian PattersonCBUCFNR2158
    40Graham BartonOTDuke257824
    41Rod MooreSMichiganNR5532
    42Amarius MimsOTGeorgia483548
    43Denzel BurkeCBOhio StateNR4147
    44Tyler GuytonOTOklahoma384253
    45McKinnley JacksonDTTexas A&M265759
    46Princely UmanmielenEDGEFlorida375060
    47Jason Marshall Jr.CBFlorida413871
    48Jordan MorganOTArizona495154
    49Troy FautanuOGWashingtonNRNR52
    50Omar SpeightsLBLSU454667
    51Michael Hall Jr.DTOhio State325670
    52Ty'Ron HopperLBMissouriNR4069
    53Tyleik WilliamsDTOhio StateNR7041
    54Oronde Gadsden IIWRSyracuseNR5955
    55Nate WigginsCBClemson477650
    56Trey BensonRBFlorida StateNR8136
    57Caelen CarsonCBWake ForestNR9523
    58Javon BullardCBGeorgia436472
    59Riley LeonardQBDuke465283
    60D.J. JamesCBAuburn365888
    61Johnny WilsonWRFlorida StateNRNR61
    62Brandon DorlusEDGEOregonNR5468
    63Ja'Tavion SandersTETexas3445106
    64Ja'quan SheppardCBMarylandNR6857
    65James WilliamsSMiami (FL)NR6363
    66Donovan EdwardsRBMichiganNR5375
    67Cole BishopSUtahNR6962
    68Josh NewtonCBTCUNR4982
    69Calen BullockSUSC427976
    70Blake CorumRBMichigan446292
    71Beau BradeSMarylandNR8844
    72Tahveon NicholsonCBIllinoisNR9934
    73Layden RobinsonOGTexas A&MNR67NR
    74Jalen McMillanWRWashingtonNR9442
    75Malachi CorleyWRWestern KentuckyNR39100
    76Antwane Wells Jr.WRSouth Carolina4066108
    77Zion Tupuola-FetuiEDGEWashingtonNR72NR
    78Quinn EwersQBTexasNR30114
    79Tory HortonWRColorado StateNR74NR
    80Tommy EichenbergLBOhio StateNR7573
    81Will SheppardWRVanderbiltNR8466
    82J.J. McCarthyQBMichiganNR10051
    83Kris Abrams-DraineCBMissouriNR6587
    84Tyler NubinSMinnesotaNR10845
    85Matt GoncalvesOTPittsburghNR9856
    86Christian HaynesOGUConnNRNR78
    87Quinyon MitchellCBToledoNR6198
    88Javion CohenOGMiami (FL)NR82NR
    89Zach FrazierOCWest VirginiaNR83NR
    90Ben SinnottTEKansas StateNR9374
    91Tanor BortoliniOGWisconsinNRNR84
    92Bucky IrvingRBOregonNR8586
    93Jestin JacobsLBOregonNR87NR
    94Zak ZinterOGMichiganNR9285
    95Smael MondonLBGeorgiaNRNR89
    96Curtis JacobsLBPenn StateNRNR90
    97Tony GrimesCBTexas A&MNR10180
    98Adonai MitchellWRTexasNRNR91
    99Adisa IsaacEDGEPenn StateNR9094
    100Jasheen DavisEDGEWake ForestNRNR93
    101Blake FisherOTNotre DameNR71117
    102Tyreek ChappellCBTexas A&MNRNR95
    103Laiatu LatuEDGEUCLANR96NR
    104Braden FiskeDTFlorida StateNR91101
    105Michael Penix Jr.QBWashingtonNR11777
    106Jack SawyerEDGEOhio StateNR73121
    107Brevyn Spann-FordTEMinnesotaNR80115
    108Jaheim BellTEFlorida StateNR103NR
    109Jaylin NoelWRIowa StateNRNR103
    110Fabien LovettDTFlorida StateNR97109
    111Reuben Fatheree IIOTTexas A&MNR14264
    112T'Vondre SweatDTTexasNR104NR
    113Jack NelsonOTWisconsinNR12979
    114Nazir StackhouseDTGeorgiaNR77132
    115Keith Randolph Jr.DTIllinoisNRNR105
    116Mario WilliamsWRUSCNR107104
    117Ricky BarberDTUCFNR106NR
    118Zy AlexanderCBLSUNRNR107
    119Max MeltonCBRutgersNRNR110
    120Jacob CowingWRArizonaNR110NR
    121Ladd McConkeyWRGeorgiaNR12497
    122Junior ColsonLBMichiganNR111NR
    123Hudson ClarkSArkansasNRNR111
    124Devontez WalkerWRNorth CarolinaNR112NR
    125Dorian SingerWRUSCNR125102
    126Brandon ColemanOTTCUNR109119
    127Bryce FosterOGTexas A&MNR115NR
    128Cornelius JohnsonWRMichiganNRNR116
    129Seydou TraoreTEMississippi StateNR13796
    130Joshua GrayOTOregon StateNR118NR
    131Cam HartCBNotre DameNR119NR
    132Dontay CorleoneDTCincinnatiNR121118
    133Seth ColemanEDGEIllinoisNRNR120
    134Cade StoverTEOhio StateNR114127
    135Malik MustaphaSWake ForestNRNR122
    136Kiran AmegadjieOTYaleNR116128
    137Drake NugentOCMichiganNRNR123
    138Jaden HicksSWashington StateNR134112
    139Ashton GillotteEDGELouisvilleNR14899
    140Mekhi WingoDTLSUNRNR124
    141Cedric GrayLBNorth CarolinaNR105143
    142Tyler DavisDTClemsonNR102146
    143Kamari LassiterCBGeorgiaNRNR125
    144Luke LacheyTEIowaNRNR126
    145Andrew RaymOCOklahomaNR126NR
    146Terrion ArnoldCBAlabamaNR127NR
    147Jalon DanielsQBKansasNR141113
    148Luke ReimerLBNebraskaNR128NR
    149Blake WatsonRBMemphisNRNR129
    150LaDarius HendersonOTMichiganNR120138
    151Patrick PaulOTHoustonNR113145
    152Johnny DixonCBPenn StateNR130NR
    153DeWayne CarterDTDukeNRNR131
    154Javon BakerWRUCFNR131NR
    155MarShawn LloydRBUSCNR132NR
    156Jordan BurchEDGEOregonNR133NR
    157Roman WilsonWRMichiganNRNR133
    158Ainias SmithWRTexas A&MNRNR134
    159Rondell BothroydEDGEOklahomaNR135NR
    160Gabe HallDTBaylorNR136NR
    161Will HowardQBKansas StateNRNR136
    162Carson SteeleRBUCLANR143130
    163Spencer RattlerQBSouth CarolinaNRNR137
    164Lathan RansomSOhio StateNR138NR
    165Khordae SydnorEDGEPurdueNRNR139
    166Jamon Dumas-JohnsonLBGeorgiaNRNR140
    167Cobee BryantCBKansasNR140NR
    168T.J. TampaCBIowa StateNR139144
    169Tate RatledgeOGGeorgiaNR144NR
    170Darius RobinsonDTMissouriNR145NR
    171Devin NealRBKansasNR146NR
    172Anthony BeltonOTNC StateNR147NR
    173Hudson CardQBPurdueNRNR147
    174Maema NjongmetaLBWisconsinNRNR148
    175Cameron WardQBWashington StateNRNR149
    176Sataoa LaumeaOTUtahNR149NR
    177Jeff SimsQBNebraskaNRNR150
    178Leonard TaylorDTMiami (FL)NRNRNR

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