2023 NFL Draft Consensus Big Board: Why PFN Is Lower on Will Levis, Higher on Trenton Simpson

    We updated our 2023 NFL Draft Consensus Big Board from two dozen draft boards and have some disagreements. Here are the biggest ones.

    Ahead of the college bowl season, we’ve released an update to our 2023 NFL Draft Consensus Big Board built from draft rankings around the industry. At the conclusion of the college regular season, we’ve built most of our understanding of many of the players that will be entering the 2023 NFL Draft.

    College bowl games, all-star performances, NFL Combine workouts, and pro day appearances will further change things, as will additional film review. But for now, we have a strong preview of which players might be the most important when approaching the NFL draft.

    But the experts don’t agree, and that includes the experts here at Pro Football Network. We’ll go over which players the Pro Football Network draft team were higher on than the industry consensus and which ones they were lower on.

    Players Pro Football Network Is Lower on Than Consensus

    Peter Skoronski, OT Northwestern (7th Nationally; 25th PFN)

    Let me start by saying this, Peter Skoronski has had a phenomenal season on what has been a very poor Northwestern Wildcats team. You’ve routinely seen the positive elements of his scouting report displayed, from his off-snap explosion, through his ability to glide out to the second level in the ground game, to his technical excellence, including pass-set timing, impressive footwork, top-tier body control, and NFL-caliber hand timing and placement.

    Furthermore, he’s an intelligent player with highly developed play diagnosis ability. However, those elements are somewhat offset by question marks over translatable size. At 6’4” and 315 pounds, he won’t be the biggest tackle in the class, and this is exacerbated by his arm length.

    While meeting a specific requisite for length isn’t a scouting point, we know that there are NFL teams with guard rails here. Furthermore, when that lack of length impacts your game — as it does with Skoronski — then that is likely to impact stock.

    Longer-armed pass rushers are routinely able to get into Skoronski’s body. He’s also prone to leaning to compensate for his lack of length, almost bear-hugging his opponent at times.

    In the games I studied, Skoronski struggled to execute reach blocks as a result. The lack of size and length also inhibits his ability to generate power. He doesn’t pack a powerful punch at the point of attack, and this is particularly noticeable in the run game.

    While believing that he should draw first-round capital in the 2023 NFL Draft, these issues may halt any ascension toward the lofty expectations placed on his stock by other outlets.

    Will Levis, QB Kentucky (13th Nationally; 60th PFN)

    Are there really only 12 better players than Will Levis in the entire 2023 NFL Draft class? I’ve long been a proponent of the idea that Penn State let the wrong QB walk out the door when they allowed Levis to leave and kept Sean Clifford.

    The upside with Levis over his former Penn State teammate is immediately clear. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see from the minute the ball leaves Levis’ hand that he’s capable of generating incredible and effortless velocity from multiple arm angles.

    You’ve seen that on the field for the Wildcats, alongside his physicality, toughness, and leadership that you want to see from the quarterback position. Levis’ size (6’4”, 230 pounds) and functional athleticism allow him to add yardage as a physical creator out of structure.

    Yet, there are holes in his game that should cause people to pump the brakes on crowning him a top-15 player from a talent perspective. The physical tools are there, as they were with multiple prospects in the previous cycle. But there are cerebral issues pertinent to playing the quarterback issue.

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    Levis’ pocket awareness isn’t as high as some of the other QBs in this class, taking unnecessary sacks as a result of an inability to sense and react. He doesn’t routinely throw with anticipation, limiting after-the-catch opportunities for his receivers. Meanwhile, his accuracy is spotty, particularly to the deep third, and he’s prone to making questionable decisions in terms of forcing throws into double coverage.

    He’s still in the process of learning how to harness his physical tools to maximum efficiency. For those reasons, we don’t have Levis ranked as high as other outlets, especially when you remove “quarterback value” from the equation.

    Yes, he could demand top-15 capital in the 2023 NFL Draft. Is he a top-15 player from an overall evaluation standpoint? We don’t believe so at this moment in time.

    Mazi Smith, DL Michigan (65th Nationally; 99th PFN)

    It’s easy to buy into the allure of Mazi Smith as a prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft. His freakish athleticism has been well-documented, being named to Feldman’s Freaks List as a result of a 33” vertical jump, a 9’4.5” broad jump, and ludicrous three-cone and bench press recordings. Oh, did we forget to mention that he’s 6’3”, 337 pounds? Freaky.

    That testing athleticism manifests itself on the field as an explosive nose tackle with the power and strength to dominate people at the point of attack. Additionally, Smith’s high-level, borderline unique athletic profile means that he’s more than just a gap-plugging big man on the defensive front.

    Smith has frequently shown that he can combine his agility and explosion with some well-executed pass-rush moves to be a force in opposing backfields.

    While his high-end athleticism requires your attention, there is sufficient development required to ensure a limitation to Smith’s NFL draft stock. Hence, the current positioning of 99th on the Pro Football Network Big Board.

    Smith routinely plays too high and needs to work on consistently playing with lower pad level. When he plays too high, Smith can be comfortably manipulated even by interior offensive linemen that cede size and mass to him. This issue can be exacerbated by a lack of elite length, with this sometimes being apparent in his tackling.

    Overall, Smith lacks consistency and control in his game to elevate him towards the earlier part of Day 2, in our opinion. Additionally, a recent (still ongoing) off-field incident involving a firearm may raise questions for teams. It’s worth adding that the Michigan staff believes “he is not and never has been considered a threat to the university or community” after being stopped for speeding and found to have a loaded Glock 19 in his vehicle.

    Players Pro Football Network Is Higher on Than Consensus

    Trenton Simpson, LB Clemson (23rd Nationally; 10th PFN)

    The overall view of the 2023 NFL Draft linebacker class has soured since the start of the season. Trenton Simpson isn’t immune to that. While he’s had a solid 2022 campaign, he hasn’t been quite as productive as he was with current Oklahoma head coach Brent Venables calling the Clemson defense.

    Nevertheless, draft evaluation is ultimately a projection of the traits, and in the right role, Simpson has the tools to be a phenomenally dynamic and diverse defender, especially in a modern NFL that values versatility in second-level players.

    To play devil’s advocate, Simpson isn’t a perfect prospect. His recognition, especially on option plays, can be a tad late at times. And after watching him take on blocks head-on more often this year, play strength is a notable concern.

    At 6’3”, 225 pounds, Simpson has good size and length. But he’ll need to keep adding bulk at the next level if he wants to consistently stack and shed against NFL blockers.

    In spite of all this, the coveted versatility that first made Simpson an LB1 candidate remains apparent. He’s a twitchy, fluid, and high-energy athlete who’s very natural playing in space and patrolling zones in coverage. He can play overhang slot and jam receivers with his length. And when he’s able to come downhill with a full head of steam as a pass rusher, you can see his explosiveness, motor, power generation, and closing speed all on display.

    The recent impression of Simpson might not be the strongest one, but he’s shown us what he can do before. With the right defensive mind in the NFL, that potential can be unearthed again.

    Rashee Rice, WR SMU (41st Nationally; 18th PFN)

    I distinctly remember writing about Rashee Rice as a player PFN was higher on in the last iteration of the consensus big board rankings. Getting a sense of déjà vu here, but I’m cool with it because Rice remains one of the most exciting, most well-rounded receiver talents in the 2023 NFL Draft.

    That’s not to say that 41st overall is a bad ranking for Rice. He’s undeniably one of the top senior receivers. But there’s enough on film to take it a step further and say he can challenge for one of the top positional spots altogether. That much is clear after Rice caught 96 passes for 1,355 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2022 while dealing with a broken toe since September.

    Putting Rice’s traits through the three-level framework — separation, catch point ability, and run-after-catch — it’s easy to get excited about his NFL potential. At 6’2”, 203 pounds, with arms over 33”, Rice has the length to convert in contested situations and the frame density to scrape through arm tackles as a RAC threat.

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    Size is a definite strength for Rice, but his athleticism and play style ultimately round out his profile. He’s a high-energy athlete with snappy lateral mobility before the catch. Rice can both displace and outrun defenders after the catch, with long speed that should track in the 4.4s.

    All this, and we haven’t mentioned his outrageous instincts in the air. Few receivers are better at naturally contorting to the ball and keeping passes out of their frame than Rice.

    On my personal board, Rice is WR2 behind Quentin Johnston. SMU has produced a bevy of NFL WR talent in recent years, but Rice might be the best one yet.

    Cooper Beebe, OT Kansas State (94th Nationally; 41st PFN)

    Conference awards like Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year aren’t always completely translatable to NFL production. But in the case of Cooper Beebe, that award is a fitting representation of his skill and talent.

    After earning All-Big 12 honors as Kansas State’s left tackle in 2021, Beebe moved inside to left guard in 2022 and proceeded to dominate week in and week out. Despite having the requisite size, mass, and length to play tackle at 6’4”, 322 pounds, he thrived inside with his physical skill set, frequently overpowering opposing defenders.

    Beebe caught my eye during the initial Big 12 evaluation in the summer, and credit also goes to fellow draft analyst James Fragoza for identifying Beebe’s talent early and writing up a great report on him. Beebe isn’t always mentioned in this light, but he could be one of the best guards in the 2023 NFL Draft.

    He’s not quite as powerful as O’Cyrus Torrence, but you can make a compelling case that Beebe’s the more well-rounded blocker. And he’s pretty powerful on his own, too.

    Beebe is well-leveraged, very strong at the point, mobile enough in space, and a high IQ blocker with malleability mid-snap. He can adapt and adjust angles to maintain positioning on running downs — an impressive trait for a player his size.

    Darnell Wright, OT Tennessee (84th Nationally; 57th PFN)

    I conducted Darnell Wright’s initial evaluation in the summer, identifying him after watching his play against Will Anderson Jr. in 2021. Wright’s power capacity popped on tape. At one point in the running game, he locked out and essentially folded Anderson with one arm, showing off rare strength and upper body torque.

    Wright graded out as an early-round prospect off his initial evaluation at PFN, and he’s gone beyond validating that placement in 2022. Now, the general consensus is that Wright is a Top 100 prospect. But he has a legitimate claim to be one of the top tackles in the 2023 NFL Draft as well.

    A former five-star recruit, Wright looks like a lab creation at 6’6”, 335 pounds, with outrageous frame density and width. His power and strength are dominating traits, but this year, he’s refined his technique to more efficiently channel that ability. Wright is one of the best at employing independent hands in pass protection — a violent operator with a brutal snatch-and-trap and a finisher’s mentality.

    Wright still leans at times and can still more consistently manage his leverage. But he’s improved there and is quietly a solid short-area athlete for his size, with good foot speed and recovery athleticism. All the tools are there for Wright to develop into a high-level NFL starter at right tackle — well worth a pick within the first two rounds.

    Ruke Orhorhoro, DL Clemson (160th Nationally; 79th PFN)

    Of the prospects PFN is notably higher on, Ruke Orhorhoro has the lowest consensus national ranking at 160. I’ll go on the record to say that Orhorhoro is easily a Day 2 interior defensive line prospect, and he has the tools to develop into one of the 2023 NFL Draft class’ top defensive products, period.

    Above all else, Orhorhoro is explosive. Coming off the line alongside Myles Murphy on the edge, Orhorhoro doesn’t lose a step. He accelerates extremely quickly into contact and can leverage impressive amounts of power both with his proportional length and functional torque.

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    Orhorhoro is extremely well put together as an athlete, a muscular-built 6’4”, 303-pound defender with levers for arms and superb natural leverage acquisition. With his size and athleticism, he’s very versatile — able to play from 1-tech to 5-tech.

    And for a Nigerian-born player who only started playing football as a junior in high school, Orhorhoro already has a working hand usage arsenal on the interior as a pass rusher.

    The Senior Bowl will be a vital opportunity for Orhorhoro to boost his stock in the national lens, and I expect him to make the most of it with his raw traits. He’s a supremely underrated talent.

    2023 NFL Draft Industry Consensus Big Board

    RankPlayerSchoolPosition Position RankVariance
    1Will Anderson Jr.AlabamaED177.1
    2Bryce YoungAlabamaQB188.2
    3Jalen CarterGeorgiaDL3T1110.8
    4C.J. StroudOhio StateQB296.4
    5Bijan RobinsonTexasRB1117.8
    6Tyree WilsonTexas TechED283.4
    7Christian GonzalezOregonCB192.1
    8Devon WitherspoonIllinoisCB2103.6
    9Paris Johnson Jr.Ohio StateOT185
    10Peter SkoronskiNorthwesternOT289.7
    11Jaxon Smith-NjigbaOhio StateWR178.9
    12Joey Porter Jr.Penn StateCB3101.8
    13Anthony RichardsonFloridaQB3107.3
    14Broderick JonesGeorgiaOT385.3
    15Myles MurphyClemsonED3106.1
    16Brian BranchAlabamaS198.4
    17Lukas Van NessIowaED4103.1
    18Nolan SmithGeorgiaED5103.1
    19Michael MayerNotre DameTE1101.3
    20Quentin JohnstonTCUWR280.9
    21Dalton KincaidUtahTE292.2
    22Deonte BanksMarylandCB4102.2
    23Darnell WrightTennesseeOT4119
    24Jordan AddisonUSCWR395.2
    25Jahmyr GibbsAlabamaRB288.3
    26Will LevisKentuckyQB4127.6
    27Zay FlowersBoston CollegeWR487.4
    28Bryan BreseeClemsonDL3T293.1
    29Calijah KanceyPittDL5T1100.3
    30O'Cyrus TorrenceFloridaOG1126.6
    31Darnell WashingtonGeorgiaTE391.8
    32Anton HarrisonOklahomaOT589.6
    33Will McDonald IVIowa StateED6108.1
    34Josh DownsNorth CarolinaWR582
    35Cam SmithSouth CarolinaCB598.2
    36Emmanuel ForbesMississippi StateCB694.7
    37Drew SandersArkansasLB189.5
    38Kelee RingoGeorgiaCB784.8
    39John Michael SchmitzMinnesotaOC1106.1
    40Dawand JonesOhio StateOT694.8
    41BJ OjulariLSUED7101.5
    42Jalin HyattTennesseeWR6113.6
    43Trenton SimpsonClemsonLB292.2
    44Jack CampbellIowaLB392.4
    45Keion WhiteGeorgia TechDL5T2106.7
    46Felix Anudike-UzomahKansas StateED8113.4
    47Luke MusgraveOregon StateTE4130.1
    48Steve AvilaTCUOC297.8
    49Mazi SmithMichiganDL3T394.4
    50Cody MauchNDSUOT788.2
    51Sam LaPortaIowaTE586.6
    52Derick HallAuburnED996.6
    53Isaiah FoskeyNotre DameED10108.9
    54Tuli TuipulotuUSCDL5T389
    55Julius BrentsKansas StateCB888.1
    56Hendon HookerTennesseeQB5115.9
    57Joe TippmannWisconsinOC399.2
    58Zach CharbonnetUCLARB389
    59Matthew BergeronSyracuseOT888.3
    60Keeanu BentonWisconsinDL1T195.1
    61Tucker KraftSouth Dakota StateTE690.4
    62Cedric TillmanTennesseeWR7103.2
    63Adetomiwa AdebaworeNorthwesternDL5T495.6
    64Antonio JohnsonTexas A&MS2112.9
    65Clark Phillips IIIUtahNCB1104.1
    66Devon AchaneTexas A&MRB4100.2
    67DJ TurnerMichiganNCB2120.3
    68Jordan BattleAlabamaS393.9
    69Daiyan HenleyWashington StateLB4108.2
    70Luke WyplerOhio StateOC492.1
    71Marvin Mims Jr.OklahomaWR8104.3
    72Tyrique StevensonMiami (FL)CB995
    73Siaki IkaBaylorDL1T2124.9
    74Tyler ScottCincinnatiWR9103.7
    75Sydney BrownIllinoisS492.6
    76Rashee RiceSMUWR1096.7
    77Gervon Dexter Sr.FloridaDL3T4100.1
    78Jonathan MingoOle MissWR1198.7
    79Tyjae SpearsTulaneRB593.7
    80Darius RushSouth CarolinaCB10119.2
    81Jartavius MartinIllinoisS598.7
    82Zach HarrisonOhio StateED1192.4
    83Tank DellHoustonWR1291.2
    84Byron Young (Tennessee)TennesseeED1296.2
    85Jaelyn DuncanMarylandOT9111
    86Jayden ReedMichigan StateWR1393.3
    87Ji'Ayir BrownPenn StateS6106.5
    88JL SkinnerBoise StateS793.5
    89Blake FreelandBYUOT1095.6
    90A.T. PerryWake ForestWR1488.3
    91Nick HerbigWisconsinLB593.8
    92Henry To'oTo'oAlabamaLB6100.4
    93Zacch PickensSouth CarolinaDL3T588.5
    94Tyler SteenAlabamaOT11102.1
    95Tank BigsbyAuburnRB688.7
    96Jammie RobinsonFlorida StateS892.3
    97Roschon JohnsonTexasRB787.9
    98Garrett WilliamsSyracuseCB11107
    99Noah SewellOregonLB794.8
    100Luke SchoonmakerMichiganTE794.6
    101Andre Carter IIArmyED13114.4
    102Tre'vius Hodges-TomlinsonTCUNCB3104.6
    103Isaiah McGuireMissouriED14102.3
    104DeMarvion OvershownTexasLB891
    105Yaya DiabyLouisvilleED1594.9
    106Chandler ZavalaNC StateOG2165.9
    107Riley MossIowaCB1289.5
    108Kayshon BoutteLSUWR15123.5
    109Christopher Smith IIGeorgiaS992.3
    110Kendre MillerTCURB891
    111Dorian WilliamsTulaneLB997.8
    112Cory TricePurdueCB13112.7
    113Karl BrooksBowling GreenDL5T592.2
    114Israel AbanikandaPittRB9126.9
    115Kyu Blu KellyStanfordCB1498.3
    116Jaquelin RoyLSUDL3T6117.4
    117Zach EvansOle MissRB1086.2
    118Michael WilsonStanfordWR1691.9
    119Jakorian BennettMarylandCB15105.7
    120Xavier HutchinsonIowa StateWR1785.2
    121Nick SaldiveriOld DominionOT12102.7
    122Olusegun OluwatimiMichiganOC590.5
    123Colby WoodenAuburnDL5T693.7
    124Andrew VorheesUSCOG392.4
    125Trey PalmerNebraskaWR1885.7
    126Owen PappoeAuburnLB1081.8
    127Parker WashingtonPenn StateWR1999.8
    128Wanya MorrisOklahomaOT1384.7
    129Jaylon JonesTexas A&MCB16107.8
    130Eli RicksAlabamaCB1792
    131Terell SmithMinnesotaCB18157.1
    132Charlie JonesPurdueWR2087
    133Byron Young (Alabama)AlabamaDL5T779.6
    134Mike MorrisMichiganDL5T891.5
    135K.J. HenryClemsonED1682.9
    136Chase BrownIllinoisRB1182.6
    137Brenton StrangePenn StateTE891
    138Tanner McKeeStanfordQB6105.1
    139DeWayne McBrideUABRB1290
    140Ricky StrombergArkansasOC687.4
    141Eric GrayOklahomaRB1394.1
    142Braeden DanielsUtahOG494.5
    143Emil Ekiyor Jr.AlabamaOG5101.8
    144Andrei IosivasPrincetonWR2194.7
    145Moro OjomoTexasDL5T986.4
    146Yasir AbdullahLouisvilleED1799.6
    147Zack KuntzOld DominionTE982.8
    148Sean TuckerSyracuseRB1483
    149Jake HaenerFresno StateQB7100.8
    150Daniel ScottCaliforniaS1088.7
    151Nick HamptonAppalachian StateED1882.6
    152Kenny McIntoshGeorgiaRB1583.8
    153Ivan Pace Jr.CincinnatiLB1184.4
    154Davis AllenClemsonTE1096.2
    155Kobie TurnerWake ForestDL3T7133.6
    156Jarrett PattersonNotre DameOG691.2
    157Kei'Trel ClarkLouisvilleNCB4104.2
    158Marte MapuSacramento StateS11152.8
    159Anthony BradfordLSUOG794.1
    160Dylan HortonTCUDL5T1091.9
    161Brandon JosephNotre DameS1292.6
    162Josh WhyleCincinnatiTE1179.7
    163Cameron MitchellNorthwesternCB19100.9
    164Carter WarrenPittOT14117
    165Nick BroekerOle MissOG887.3
    166Jalen RedmondOklahomaDL5T1193
    167Dorian Thompson-RobinsonUCLAQB8122.4
    168Jaren HallBYUQB988.9
    169McClendon CurtisTennessee-ChattanoogaOG989.1
    170Deuce VaughnKansas StateRB1695.2
    171Dontayvion WicksVirginiaWR2283.2
    172Warren McClendonGeorgiaOT1595.8
    173Rakim JarrettMarylandWR23101.8
    174DJ JohnsonOregonED19114.2
    175Juice ScruggsPenn StateOC789
    176Keondre CoburnTexasDL1T388
    177Ryan HayesMichiganOT1695.3
    178Ronnie HickmanOhio StateS1381
    179Jay WardLSUS14103.6
    180Will MalloryMiami (FL)TE1289.6
    181Payne DurhamPurdueTE1381.6
    182Jose RamirezEastern MichiganLB1284.3
    183Darrell Luter Jr.South AlabamaCB2085.9
    184Aidan O'ConnellPurdueQB1086.1
    185Mekhi BlackmonUSCCB2191.1
    186Jordan McFaddenClemsonOT17101.7
    187Puka NacuaBYUWR2478.7
    188Cameron LatuAlabamaTE1488
    189SirVocea DennisPittLB13100.9
    190Ronnie BellMichiganWR2580.3
    191Clayton TuneHoustonQB1178
    192Viliami FehokoSan Jose StateED2090.9
    193Jon Gaines IIUCLAOG1087.1
    194Dee WintersTCULB1489.4
    195Keaton MitchellEast CarolinaRB17111.2
    196Asim RichardsNorth CarolinaOG1191.3
    197Mekhi GarnerLSUCB2298.5
    198Sidy SowEastern MichiganOG12101.1
    199Stetson BennettGeorgiaQB1294.1
    200Rejzohn WrightOregon StateCB23113.5
    201Evan HullNorthwesternRB1886.7
    202Bryce Ford-WheatonWest VirginiaWR2688
    203Cameron YoungMississippi StateDL1T493.7
    204Matt LandersArkansasWR27137.3
    205Carrington ValentineKentuckyCB2487.9
    206Lonnie Phelps Jr.KansasED2187.7
    207Jaxson KirklandWashingtonOT1890.3
    208Thomas IncoomCentral MichiganED2279.9
    209Ali GayeLSUED2399.4
    210Chris Rodriguez Jr.KentuckyRB1984
    211Tre TuckerCincinnatiWR2890.9
    212Tavius RobinsonOle MissED24100
    213Elijah HigginsStanfordWR2988.3
    214Jason Taylor IIOklahoma StateS1598.8
    215Jalen Moreno-CropperFresno StateWR3086.6
    216Jerrod ClarkCoastal CarolinaDL1T587.5
    217Kaevon MerriweatherIowaS1686
    218Anthony Johnson Jr.Iowa StateS17104
    219Habakkuk BaldonadoPittED2578.2
    220Atonio MafiUCLAOG13104.5
    221DeMarcco HellamsAlabamaS1883.2
    222Ventrell MillerFloridaLB1584.6
    223Brandon HillPittS1984
    224Max DugganTCUQB1387.8
    225Hunter LuepkeNDSUFB197
    226Cam JonesIndianaLB1679.6
    227Tyler LacyOklahoma StateDL5T1286.3
    228Robert Beal Jr.GeorgiaED2689.7
    229Isaiah LandFlorida A&MED2775.5
    230Brenton Cox Jr.FloridaED2894.8
    231Alex AustinOregon StateCB2594.8
    232Mohamed IbrahimMinnesotaRB2085.7
    233Dontay Demus Jr.MarylandWR3187.3
    234Dante StillsWest VirginiaDL5T1380.6
    235Starling Thomas VUABCB26102
    236Grant DuBoseCharlotteWR3287.3
    237Jake AndrewsTroyOC886.9
    238Demario DouglasLibertyWR3388.9
    239Jeremy BanksTennesseeLB1797.9
    240Anfernee OrjiVanderbiltLB1883.4
    241Nesta Jade SilveraArizona StateDL3T877.3
    242Gervarrius OwensHoustonS2083
    243Alex ForsythOregonOC984.4
    244Richard GouraigeFloridaOT1985.6
    245Chamarri ConnerVirginia TechS2181.5
    246Eku LeotaAuburnED2988.2
    247Jarrick Bernard-ConverseLSUCB27106.7
    248Myles BrooksLouisiana TechCB2882.2
    249John OjukwuBoise StateOT2079.8
    250Jordan HowdenMinnesotaS2292.3
    251DJ DaleAlabamaDL3T978.9
    252Anthony JohnsonVirginiaCB2986.7
    253Mohamoud DiabateUtahLB1981.8
    254Earl Bostick Jr.KansasOT2183.7
    255T.J. BassOregonOG1484.3
    256Trey Dean IIIFloridaS2384.2
    257Ochaun MathisNebraskaED30112.1
    258Joey FisherShepherdOG1591.7
    259Connor GalvinBaylorOT2282.8
    260Brodric MartinWestern KentuckyDL1T6119.2
    261Henry BainivaluWashingtonOG1688.5
    262Jason BrownleeSouthern MissWR3498.3
    263Cameron BrownOhio StateCB30109.3
    264Antoine GreenNorth CarolinaWR3591.5
    265Deneric PrinceTulsaRB21113.7
    266Rashad Torrence IIFloridaS2482.7
    267Derius DavisTCUWR3687.4
    268Blake WhiteheartWake ForestTE15110.6
    269Tyrus WheatMississippi StateED3186.7
    270Nic JonesBall StateCB3195.4
    271C.J. JohnsonEast CarolinaWR3795.1
    272Justin ShorterFloridaWR3879
    273Aubrey Miller Jr.Jackson StateLB2085.5
    274Arquon BushCincinnatiCB32105.3
    275Jake MoodyMichiganPK189.1
    276Brayden WillisOklahomaTE1682.7
    277Jadon HaselwoodArkansasWR3985.9
    278Quindell JohnsonMemphisS2585
    279Shaka HeywardDukeLB2179.9
    280Mitchell TinsleyPenn StateWR40109.8
    281Malaesala Aumavae-LauluOregonOG1785.3
    282Camerun PeoplesAppalachian StateRB2278.8
    283Drake ThomasNC StateLB2295.4
    284Isaiah MooreNC StateLB2383.8
    285Keidron SmithKentuckyCB33115.3
    286Tyson BagentShepherdQB1483
    287Michael JeffersonLouisianaWR4187.8
    288BJ ThompsonStephen F. AustinED3283.5
    289Trevor ReidLouisvilleOT23110.4
    290Caleb MurphyFerris SateED33104.7
    291Bryce BaringerMichigan StateP185.9
    292Mark Evans IIArkansas-Pine BluffOC1079.1
    293PJ MustipherPenn StateDL1T777.1
    294Malik CunninghamLouisvilleQB1579.3
    295Scott MatlockBoise StateDL3T1099.1
    296Jovaughn GwynSouth CarolinaOG1883.4
    297Lance BoykinCoastal CarolinaCB3484.3
    298M.J. AndersonIowa StateED3494.7
    299Jalen WayneSouth AlabamaWR42102
    300Tavion ThomasUtahRB2384.2

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