2022 NFL Free Agent Safeties: Tyrann Mathieu, Quandre Diggs, and Marcus Williams provide tempting options

    Which five safeties are the top free agent options in the 2022 NFL offseason, and who are the other available options this year?


    2022 NFL Free Agent Safeties: Tyrann Mathieu, Quandre Diggs, and Marcus Williams provide tempting options

    Several solid free agent safeties may be available in the 2022 NFL offseason. Their market could be one of the most intriguing to see play out — both leading into the new league year and in free agency itself. Let’s look at a loaded group that includes Tyrann Mathieu, Marcus Williams, and Quandre Diggs.

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    Top NFL free agent safeties available in 2022

    The top available safeties in the 2022 NFL offseason pack a lot of talent. Depending on what each specific team is looking for scheme-wise, there are plenty of options on the table this offseason.

    Market value is on a per-year basis and based on Spotrac estimates. The numbers are correct as of February 23.

    Tyrann Mathieu

    Age: 29
    Previous team: Kansas City Chiefs
    Market value: $14.8 million

    Top team fits

    • Baltimore Ravens
    • Chicago Bears
    • Kansas City Chiefs
    • Philadelphia Eagles

    Injury history

    Since the start of the 2017 season, Tyrann Mathieu has missed just two games. One of those came when he was rested to end the 2020 regular season; the other came due to a positive COVID test to open the 2021 season.

    After some troubles with injuries early in his career, Mathieu has been extremely healthy in the past five years.

    Marcus Williams

    Age: 25
    Previous team: New Orleans Saints
    Market value: $15 million

    Top team fits

    • Detroit Lions
    • Houston Texans
    • New York Jets
    • Washington Commanders

    Injury history

    In his five-year career, Marcus Williams has missed a total of five games. The only time he has missed consecutive games in his career came at the end of the 2020 season when an ankle sprain kept him out of the last two games.

    Quandre Diggs

    Age: 29
    Previous team: Seattle Seahawks
    Market value: $12.1 million

    Top team fits

    • Baltimore Ravens
    • Houston Texans
    • Kansas City Chiefs
    • Philadelphia Eagles

    Injury history

    In the last two seasons, Quandre Diggs has not missed a single game. He missed a total of seven games in 2019 due to a hamstring injury and then an ankle injury. That was only the second time in his career that Diggs had missed any time.

    Marcus Maye

    Age: 28
    Previous team: New York Jets
    Market value: $7.4 million

    Top team fits

    • Detroit Lions
    • Houston Texans
    • New York Jets
    • San Francisco 49ers
    • Washington Commanders

    Injury history

    For Marcus Maye, his injury history has been very much all or nothing. He played all 16 games in 2017, 2019, and 2020. In 2018, he dealt with three separate injuries (foot, thumb, shoulder) that led to him missing a total of 10 games.

    Playing on the franchise tag in 2021, Maye tore his Achilles in Week 9 of last season. There will be a lot of questions for teams about how Maye will rebound from this injury. Unfortunately, Maye has no real opportunity to show how he has recovered. That will make it tough for teams to commit a large amount of cap space and years to the safety this offseason.

    NFL free agent safeties available in 2022

    PlayerPosition2021 Team2022 TeamType
    A.J. BouyeCBCARSFA
    A.J. CannRGJAXHOUSignedOL
    A.J. GreenWRARIVoid
    A.J. KleinLBBUFSFA
    A.J. McCarronQBATLUFA
    A.J. MooreCBHOUUFA
    Aaron BrewerLSARIUFA
    Aaron CrawfordIDLBALBALSigned
    Aaron ParkerWRCARCARSigned
    Aaron StinnieLGTBUFAOL
    Adam GotsisEDGEJAXUFA
    Adam HumphriesWRWASUFA
    Adrian KillinsRBDENERFA
    Adrian PetersonRBSEASFA
    Ahkello WitherspoonCBPITUFA
    Akiem HicksIDLCHIUFA
    Al WoodsIDLSEASEASigned
    Albert HugginsIDLNONOSigned
    Albert WilsonWRMIAUFA
    Alec IngoldRBLVRFA
    Alec OgletreeLBCHIUFA
    Alex AnzaloneLBDETDETSigned
    Alex CappaRGTBCINSignedOL
    Alex CollinsRBSEAUFA
    Alex EricksonWRCARUFA
    Alex OkaforEDGEKCUFA
    Alex RedmondRGNESFAOL
    Alex SingletonLBPHIRFA
    Alexander JohnsonLBDENUFA
    Allen LazardWRGBGBSigned
    Allen RobinsonWRCHILARSigned
    Al-Quadin MuhammadEDGEINDUFA
    Amari CooperWRDALCLETrade
    Ameer AbdullahRBCARUFA
    Andre ChachereCBPHIERFA
    Andre RobertsWRLACUFA
    Andrew AdamsSTBUFA
    Andrew BeckFBDENRFA
    Andrew BrownIDLLACLACSigned
    Andrew NorwellLGJAXUFAOL
    Andrew SendejoSINDUFA
    Andrew WingardSJAXJAXSigned
    Andrew WylieLGKCUFAOL
    Andy DaltonQBCHIUFA
    Andy JanovichFBCLEUFA
    Anthony AverettCBBALUFA
    Anthony BarrLBMINVoid
    Anthony FirkserTETENUFA
    Anthony HarrisSPHIUFA
    Anthony HitchensLBKCSFA
    Anthony LevineSBALUFA
    Anthony PittmanLBDETDETSigned
    Anthony RushIDLATLRFA
    Anthony Walker Jr.LBCLEUFA
    Antoine BrooksSLARLARSigned
    Antoine WesleyWRARIARISigned
    Antonio HamiltonCBARIUFA
    Antony AuclairTEHOUHOUSigned
    Antwaun WoodsIDLINDUFA
    Arden KeyEDGESFUFA
    Armani WattsSKCUFA
    Arthur MauletCBPITUFA
    Artie BurnsCBCHIUFA
    Ashton DulinWRINDINDSigned
    Auden TateWRCINUFA
    Austin BlytheCKCUFAOL
    Austin CorbettRGLARCARSignedOL
    Austin JohnsonIDLNYGUFA
    Austin SchlottmannLGDENRFAOL
    Azeez Al-ShaairLBSFSFSigned
    B.J. BelloLBTENUFA
    B.J. FinneyCPITUFAOL
    B.J. HillIDLCINCINSigned
    Beau BenzschawelCWASWASSignedOL
    Ben JonesCTENTENSignedOL
    Ben NiemannLBKCUFA
    Ben RoethlisbergerQBPITUFA
    Benardrick McKinneyLBNYGUFA
    Bilal NicholsIDLCHIUFA
    Billy PriceCNYGUFAOL
    Billy TurnerRTGBSFAOL
    Blaine GabbertQBTBUFA
    Blake BellTEKCUFA
    Blake BortlesQBNONOSigned
    Blake CashmanLBNYJHOUTrade
    Blake HanceRTCLECLESignedOL
    Blake JarwinTEDALSFA
    Blessuan AustinCBSEARFA
    Bobby HartRTBUFUFAOL
    Bobby MassieRTDENUFAOL
    Bobby McCainSWASUFA
    Bobby PriceSDETDETSigned
    Bobby WagnerLBSEASFA
    Boston ScottRBPHIRFA
    Bradley BozemanCBALUFAOL
    Brandon AllenQBCINUFA
    Brandon BoldenRBNEUFA
    Brandon CopelandEDGEATLUFA
    Brandon FacysonCBLVUFA
    Brandon KingLBNEUFA
    Brandon ParkerRTLVUFAOL
    Brandon PowellWRLARUFA
    Brandon ScherffRGWASJAXSignedOL
    Brandon ShellRTSEAUFAOL
    Brandon WilliamsIDLBALUFA
    Brandon ZylstraWRCARUFA
    Braxton BerriosWRNYJNYJSigned
    Brennan ScarlettLBMIAUFA
    Brent UrbanIDLDALUFA
    Breon BordersCBARIARISigned
    Breshad PerrimanWRTBUFA
    Brett JonesCDENUFAOL
    Brett KernPTENTENSignedST
    Brett MaherKNORFAST
    Brett RypienQBDENDENSigned
    Brian AllenCLARLARSignedOL
    Brian HoyerQBNENESigned
    Brian JohnsonKWASWASSignedST
    Brock WrightTEDETDETSigned
    Bruce IrvinLBCHIUFA
    Bryan AngerPDALUFAST
    Bryan Cox Jr.EDGEBUFUFA
    Bryan MoneIDLSEASEASigned
    Bryce CallahanCBDENUFA
    Buddy HowellRBLARUFA
    Bunmi RotimiIDLWASWASSigned
    Buster SkrineCBTENUFA
    Byron PringleWRKCUFA
    C.J. BoardWRNYGUFA
    C.J. MooreSDETDETSigned
    C.J. UzomahTECINNYJSigned
    Calais CampbellIDLBALUFA
    Caleb BenenochRGNOUFAOL
    Calvin AndersonLTDENDENSignedOL
    Cam NewtonQBCARUFA
    Cam RobinsonLTJAXJAXFranchiseOL
    Cam SimsWRWASUFA
    Cameron BatsonWRTENUFA
    Cameron FlemingRTDENUFAOL
    Carl DavisIDLNEUFA
    Carl GrandersonEDGENONOSigned
    Carlos HydeRBJAXSFA
    Carlos WatkinsIDLDALUFA
    Carlton DavisCBTBTBSigned
    Carson WentzQBINDWASTrade
    Casey HaywardCBLVUFA
    Casey KreiterLSNYGUFA
    Cassius MarshEDGECHIUFA
    Cedrick Wilson Jr.WRDALMIASigned
    Chad BeebeWRMINUFA
    Chad HenneQBKCUFA
    Chandler JonesEDGEARILVSigned
    Chandon SullivanCBGBUFA
    Chapelle RussellLBJAXJAXSigned
    Charles HarrisEDGEDETDETSigned
    Charles SnowdenEDGECHICHISigned
    Charles WashingtonSARIUFA
    Charvarius WardCBKCUFA
    Chase DanielQBLACLACSigned
    Chase EdmondsRBARIMIASigned
    Chase McLaughlinKCLERFAST
    Chauncey RiversEDGEGBERFA
    Chester RogersWRTENUFA
    Chris BanjoSARIUFA
    Chris BoardLBBALUFA
    Chris ConleyWRHOUHOUSigned
    Chris GodwinWRTBTBFranchise
    Chris Harris Jr.CBLACUFA
    Chris HubbardLTCLEUFAOL
    Chris LammonsCBKCRFA
    Chris MooreWRHOUHOUSigned
    Chris ReedLGINDUFAOL
    Chris SmithEDGEHOUUFA
    Chris WestryCBBALRFA
    Christian BlakeWRATLRFA
    Christian CovingtonIDLLACUFA
    Christian JonesLBCHIUFA
    Christian KirkWRARIJAXSigned
    Christian KirkseyLBHOUHOUSigned
    Christian KuntzLSPITPITSigned
    Christian RingoIDLNOUFA
    Christopher Herndon IVTEMINUFA
    Chukwuma OkoraforRTPITPIT SignedOL
    Clark HarrisLSCINUFA
    Clay JohnstonLBCINCINSigned
    Colby GossettRGATLERFAOL
    Cole TonerRGHOUUFAOL
    Coleman SheltonLGLARRFAOL
    Colt McCoyQBARIARISigned
    Colton McKivitzLTSFSFSignedOL
    Connor WilliamsLGDALUFAOL
    Conor McDermottRGNYJNYJSignedOL
    Cordarrelle PattersonWRATLUFA
    Corey BojorquezPGBUFAST
    Corey ClementRBDALUFA
    Corey PetersIDLARIUFA
    Corliss WaitmanPPITDENSignedST
    Corn ElderCBWASWASSigned
    Cornelius LucasLTWASUFAOL
    Cullen GillaspiaFBNYGRFA
    Curtis RileySTBUFA
    D.J. CharkWRJAXDETSigned
    D.J. JonesIDLSFDENSigned
    DaeSean HamiltonWRDENSFA
    Dakoda ShepleyRGSEASEASignedOL
    Dakota AllenLBJAXRFA
    Dakota DozierLGMINUFAOL
    Dallin LeavittSLVLVSigned
    Dalton SchultzTEDALDALFranchise
    Damien WilliamsRBCHIUFA
    Damien WilsonLBJAXUFA
    Damiere ByrdWRCHIUFA
    Damontae KazeeSDALUFA
    Dan FeeneyLGNYJUFAOL
    Dane CruikshankSTENUFA
    Daniel BrownTENYJSFA
    Daniel BrunskillRGSFSFSignedOL
    Daniel SorensenSKCUFA
    Daniel WiseIDLWASERFA
    Danny AmendolaWRHOUUFA
    Danny JohnsonCBWASUFA
    Danny SheltonIDLNYGUFA
    Dante Fowler Jr.EDGEATLSFA
    Dante PettisWRNYGUFA
    DaQuan JonesIDLCARBUFSigned
    Dare OgunbowaleRBJAXHOUSigned
    Daren BatesLBATLUFA
    Darious WilliamsCBLARJAXSigned
    Darius PhillipsCBCINLVSigned
    Darius PhilonIDLLVUFA
    Darrel WilliamsRBKCUFA
    Darrell DanielsTEARIUFA
    Darrion DanielsIDLSFSFA
    Darryl RobertsCBWASUFA
    Darrynton EvansRBTENCHISigned
    Davante AdamsWRGBGBFranchise
    David BadaIDLWASWASSigned
    David BloughQBDETRFA
    David JohnsonRBHOUUFA
    David MayoLBWASWASSigned
    David MooreWRGBSFA
    David NjokuTECLECLEFranchise
    David QuessenberryRTTENRFAOL
    David SharpeLTBALUFAOL
    David SillsWRNYGNYGSigned
    David SteinmetzRTWASSFAOL
    Davion DavisWRHOUHOUSigned
    Davontae HarrisCBLACUFA
    Dean MarloweSDETUFA
    Deandre BakerCBKCKCSigned
    DeAndre CarterWRWASUFA
    DeAndre Houston-CarsonSCHIUFA
    Dede WestbrookWRMINUFA
    Dee DelaneyCBTBTBSigned
    Demarcus ChristmasIDLPITERFA
    Demarcus RobinsonWRKCUFA
    DeMarcus WalkerEDGEHOUUFA
    DeMarkus AcyCBPITERFA
    Demetrius Flannigan-FowlesLBSFSFSigned
    Demetrius HarrisTEARIUFA
    Dennis GardeckEDGEARIARISigned
    Dennis KellyRTGBUFAOL
    Deon BushSCHIUFA
    Deonte HarrisWRNONOSigned
    Derek BarnettEDGEPHIUFA
    Derek CarrierTELVUFA
    Derick RobersonEDGETENRFA
    D'ernest JohnsonRBCLECLESigned
    Derrick GoreRBKCKCSigned
    Derrick NnadiIDLKCUFA
    DeSean JacksonWRLVUFA
    DeShawn WilliamsIDLDENRFA
    DeShon ElliottSBALUFA
    Desmond KingCBHOUHOUSigned
    Desmond TrufantCBLVUFA
    Devin McCourtySNENESigned
    Devon KennardLBARIARISigned
    De'Vondre CampbellLBGBGBSigned
    Devonta FreemanRBBALUFA
    Devontae BookerRBNYGSFA
    Dexter WilliamsRBCLEERFA
    Diontae SpencerWRDENRFA
    Dominique DafneyTEGBGBSigned
    Donald ParhamTELACLACSigned
    Donell StanleyCTBSFAOL
    D'Onta ForemanRBTENUFA
    Dont'a HightowerLBNEUFA
    Dontae JohnsonCBSFUFA
    Donte DeayonCBLARUFA
    Donte JacksonCBCARUFA
    Dontrell HilliardRBTENUFA
    Dorance Armstrong Jr.EDGEDALUFA
    Dorian O'DanielLBKCUFA
    Drew LockQBDENSEATrade
    Duane BrownLTSEAUFAOL
    Duke DawsonSCLESFA
    Duke JohnsonRBMIAUFA
    Duke RileyLBMIAUFA
    Durham SmytheTEMIAUFA
    Duron HarmonSATLUFA
    Durval QueirozRGMIASFAOL
    Dustin ColquittPCLEUFAST
    Dustin HopkinsKLACLACSignedST
    Dwayne HaskinsQBPITPITSigned
    Dwayne Johnson Jr.SNYGSFA
    Dwayne WashingtonRBNOUFA
    Dylan CantrellTEWASERFA
    Dylan ColeLBTENUFA
    Eddy PineiroKNYJNYJSignedST
    Elandon RobertsLBMIAUFA
    Eli AnkouIDLBUFBUFSigned
    Eli AppleCBCINUFA
    Elijah CampbellSMIAMIASigned
    Elijah LeeLBCLEUFA
    Elijah RileySNYJNYJSigned
    Elijah WilkinsonLTCHIUFAOL
    Elijhaa PennyRBNYGUFA
    Elliott FryKCINSFAST
    Emmanuel EllerbeeLBATLUFA
    Emmanuel OgbahEDGEMIAMIASigned
    Emmanuel SandersWRBUFUFA
    Equanimeous St. BrownWRGBUFA
    Eric EbronTEPITUFA
    Eric FisherLTINDUFAOL
    Eric SaubertTEDENUFA
    Eric TomlinsonTEBALUFA
    Eric WilsonLBHOUUFA
    Erik HarrisSATLUFA
    Essang BasseyCBDENDENSigned
    Ethan GreenidgeLTNONOSignedOL
    Ethan PocicLGSEAUFAOL
    Evan BrownCDETDETSignedOL
    Evan EngramTENYGJAXSigned
    Everson GriffenEDGEMINUFA
    Fabian MoreauCBATLUFA
    Folorunso FatukasiIDLNYJJAXSigned
    Foyesade OluokunLBATLJAXSigned
    Francis BernardLBDALERFA
    Frankie LuvuEDGECARCARSigned
    Fred JohnsonRGCINCINSignedOL
    Garrett GilbertQBWASRFA
    Garrett GriffinTENORFA
    Gavin HeslopCBSEAERFA
    Genard AveryLBPHIUFA
    Geno SmithQBSEAUFA
    Geno StoneSBALBALSigned
    Geoff SwaimTETENTENSigned
    George OdumSINDUFA
    Gerald EverettTESEAUFA
    Gerald McCoyIDLLVUFA
    Germain IfediRTCHIUFAOL
    Geron ChristianLTHOUUFAOL
    Giovani BernardRBTBUFA
    Giovanni RicciTECARCARSigned
    Godwin IgwebuikeSDETDETSigned
    Graham GlasgowRGDENDENSignedOL
    Greg JosephKMINMINSignedST
    Greg MabinCBTENUFA
    Greg ManczCMIAUFAOL
    Greg SenatLTNYJUFAOL
    Greg WardWRPHIRFA
    Greg ZuerleinKDALSFAST
    Gunner OlszewskiWRNERFA
    Haason ReddickEDGECARPHISigned
    Hardy NickersonLBHOUUFA
    Harold LandryEDGETENTENSigned
    Harrison PhillipsIDLBUFMINSigned
    Harvey LangiLBNENESigned
    Hassan RidgewayIDLPHIUFA
    Hayden HurstTEATLCINSigned
    Henry BlackSGBERFA
    Ian ThomasTECARCARSigned
    Ibraheim CampbellSINDSFA
    Ifeadi OdenigboEDGECLEUFA
    Ike BoettgerRGBUFUFAOL
    Isaac RochellIDLINDUFA
    Isaac YiadomCBGBSFA
    Isaiah FordWRMIAUFA
    Isaiah McKenzieWRBUFBUFSigned
    Isaiah OliverCBATLUFA
    J.C. HassenauerCPITPITSignedOL
    J.C. JacksonCBNELACSigned
    J.C. TretterCCLESFAOL
    J.D. McKissicRBWASUFA
    J.P. HoltzTECHIRFA
    Jabrill PeppersSNYGUFA
    Jack ConklinRTCLECLESignedOL
    Jack CrawfordIDLARIUFA
    Jack FoxPDETDETSignedST
    Jack HeflinIDLGBGBSigned
    Jackson BartonLTLVLVSignedOL
    Jacob HollisterTEJAXUFA
    Jacob MartinEDGEHOUUFA
    Jacoby BrissettQBMIAUFA
    Jadeveon ClowneyEDGECLEVoid
    Jaeden GrahamTEATLRFA
    Jahleel AddaeSINDUFA
    Jake BrendelCSFSFSignedOL
    Jake FrommQBNYGERFA
    Jake GervaseSLARLARSigned
    Jake HansonCGBGBERFAOL
    Jake KumerowWRBUFBUFSigned
    Jake McQuaideLSDALDALSigned
    Jake VerityKBALINDSignedST
    Jakeem GrantWRCHICLESigned
    Jakob JohnsonFBNERFA
    Jakobi MeyersWRNENESigned
    Jaleel JohnsonIDLHOUUFA
    Jalen DaltonIDLNONOSigned
    Jalen DavisCBCINCINSigned
    Jalen ElliottSDETDETSigned
    Jalen GuytonWRLACLACSigned
    Jalen JelksEDGEWASERFA
    Jalen Reeves-MaybinLBDETUFA
    Jalen RichardRBLVUFA
    Jalyn HolmesIDLNOUFA
    Jamal PerryCBMIARFA
    Jamarco JonesLTSEATENSignedOL
    Ja'Marcus BradleyWRCLECLESigned
    Jameis WinstonQBNOVoid
    James CarpenterLGNOUFAOL
    James ConnerRBARIARISigned
    James DanielsRGCHIPITSignedOL
    James O'ShaughnessyTEJAXUFA
    James WashingtonWRPITUFA
    James WhiteRBNENESigned
    Jamie CollinsLBNEUFA
    Jamil DembyLGLARRFAOL
    Jamil DouglasRGWASUFAOL
    Jamir JonesEDGEJAXJAXSigned
    Jamison CrowderWRNYJUFA
    JaMycal HastyRBSFSFSigned
    Jaquiski TarttSSFUFA
    Jared CookTELACUFA
    Jared HockerLGJAXJAXSignedOL
    Jared NorrisLBWASUFA
    Jarrad DavisLBNYJUFA
    Jarran ReedIDLKCUFA
    Jarren WilliamsCBNYGERFA
    Jarrod WilsonSSFSFA
    Jarvis LandryWRCLESFA
    Jason CabindaFBDETDETSigned
    Jason CroomTEPHIUFA
    Jason McCourtySMIAUFA
    Jason PetersLTCHIUFAOL
    Jason Pierre-PaulEDGETBUFA
    Jason SpriggsLTATLUFAOL
    Jason VerrettCBSFUFA
    Jauan JenningsWRSFSFSigned
    Javelin GuidryCBNYJNYJSigned
    Ja'Whaun BentleyLBNEUFA
    Jaydon MickensWRJAXUFA
    Jaylon MooreWRBALBALSigned
    Jaylon SmithLBNYGUFA
    Jayon BrownLBTENUFA
    Jayron KearseSDALUFA
    Jeff DriskelQBHOUHOUSigned
    Jeff HeathSNOUFA
    Jeff SmithWRNYJNYJSigned
    Jeff WilsonRBSFUFA
    Jeffrey JansenLSCARCARSigned
    Jeremiah PoutasiLGLVSFAOL
    Jeremy SprinkleTEDALUFA
    Jerick McKinnonRBKCUFA
    Jermaine Carter, Jr.LBCARUFA
    Jermaine EluemunorRGLVUFAOL
    Jerry HughesEDGEBUFUFA
    Jesper HorstedWRCHICHISigned
    Jesse JamesTECHIUFA
    Jessie Bates IIISCINCINFranchise
    Jessie LemonierEDGEDETDETSigned
    Jihad WardEDGEJAXUFA
    Jimmy GrahamTECHIUFA
    Jimmy MorrisseyCHOUHOUSignedOL
    Jimmy SmithCBBALUFA
    Jody FortsonWRKCKCSigned
    Joe FlaccoQBNYJUFA
    Joe HadenCBPITUFA
    Joe ReedWRLACLACSigned
    Joel HeathIDLDETUFA
    Joel IyiegbuniweLBCHIUFA
    Joey SlyeKWASWASSignedST
    John JenkinsIDLMIAUFA
    John KellyRBCLECLESigned
    John MillerRGCARUFAOL
    John ReidCBSEASEASigned
    John RossWRNYGUFA
    John UrsuaWRSEAERFA
    John WolfordQBLARERFA
    Johnathan HankinsIDLLVUFA
    Johnny HekkerPLARUFAST
    Johnny MundtTELARUFA
    Jon BosticLBWASUFA
    Jon RhattiganLBSEASEASigned
    Jon WeeksLSHOUHOUSigned
    Jonas GriffithLBDENDENSigned
    Jonathan BullardIDLATLUFA
    Jonathan WardRBARIARISigned
    Jonathan WilliamsRBWASWASSigned
    Jordan AkinsTEHOUUFA
    Jordan BerryPMINUFAST
    Jordan EvansLBCINUFA
    Jordan HicksLBARIMINSigned
    Jordan HowardRBPHIUFA
    Jordan KunaszykLBWASWASSigned
    Jordan MillerCBNONOSigned
    Jordan MillsRTNOUFAOL
    Jordan ScarlettRBMIASFA
    Jordan SimmonsLGLVUFAOL
    Jordan WhiteheadSTBNYJSigned
    Jordan WilkinsRBTENSFA
    Jordan WillisEDGESFUFA
    Joseph NoteboomLTLARLARSignedOL
    Josey JewellLBDENDENSigned
    Josh AndrewsCATLUFAOL
    Josh BynesLBBALUFA
    Josh GordonWRKCKCSigned
    Josh HarrisLSATLLACSigned
    Josh JohnsonQBBALUFA
    Josh NormanCBSFUFA
    Josh ReynoldsWRDETDETSigned
    Josh RosenQBATLUFA
    Josh TupouIDLCINUFA
    Josh WellsLTTBUFAOL
    Josh WoodsLBDETDETSigned
    Joshua DobbsQBPITUFA
    Joshua KaluSNYGRFA
    Jovante MoffattSCLENYJSigned
    Juju HughesSDETDETSigned
    JuJu Smith-SchusterWRPITUFA
    Julian StanfordLBCARUFA
    Julie'n DavenportLTINDUFAOL
    Justin BrittCHOUHOUSignedOL
    Justin ColemanCBMIAUFA
    Justin EllisIDLBALUFA
    Justin HamiltonIDLDENUFA
    Justin HoustonEDGEBALUFA
    Justin JacksonRBLACUFA
    Justin JonesIDLLACUFA
    Justin ReidSHOUKCSigned
    Justin WatsonWRTBKCSigned
    Justin ZimmerIDLBUFRFA
    Juston BurrisSCARUFA
    Juwan JohnsonWRNONOSigned
    K.J. WrightLBLVUFA
    Ka'dar HollmanCBNYGSFSigned
    Kaden SmithTENYGSFA
    Kahale WarringTEJAXRFA
    Kalen BallageRBPITUFA
    Kalif RaymondWRDETUFA
    Kamu Grugier-HillLBHOUUFA
    Kareem JacksonSDENUFA
    Keanu NealSDALUFA
    Keelan ColeWRNYJUFA
    Keion CrossenCBNYGUFA
    Keisean NixonCBLVRFA
    Keith IsmaelCWASWASSignedOL
    Kemoko TurayEDGEINDUFA
    Ken CrawleyCBNOUFA
    Ken WebsterCBNYJSFA
    Kendall LammLTTENSFAOL
    Kenny StillsWRNOUFA
    Kenny YoungLBDENUFA
    Kentavius StreetEDGESFRFA
    Kevin GivensIDLSFSFSigned
    Kevin HuberPCINUFAST
    Kevin KingCBGBUFA
    Kevin MinterLBTBUFA
    Kevon SeymourCBBALBALSigned
    KhaDarel HodgeWRDETUFA
    Khalil DorseyCBBALERFA
    Khalil MackEDGECHILACTrade
    Khari BlasingameFBTENRFA
    Kingsley KekeIDLGBHOUSigned
    Kirk CousinsQBMINMINExtension
    Korey CunninghamLTNYGUFAOL
    Kristian WelchLBBALBALSigned
    Krys BarnesLBGBSignedSigned
    K'Waun WilliamsCBSFUFA
    Kwon AlexanderLBNOUFA
    Kyle AllenQBWASRFA
    Kyle FullerCBDENUFA
    Kyle FullerCSEARFAOL
    Kyle LongRGKCUFAOL
    Kyle MurphyRGNYGERFAOL
    Kyle PekoIDLTENUFA
    Kyle PhillipsIDLNYJRFA
    Kyle RudolphTENYGSFA
    Kyle Van NoyEDGENESFA
    Kyle WilberLBLVUFA
    Kyler FackrellEDGELACUFA
    Kylie FittsEDGEARIRFA
    Kyzir WhiteLBLACUFA
    Lachavious SimmonsRGCHICHISignedOL
    Lachlan EdwardsPCARUFAST
    Laken TomlinsonLGSFNYJSignedOL
    Lamarcus JoynerSNYJUFA
    Lane TaylorLGHOUUFAOL
    Laquon TreadwellWRJAXUFA
    Larry OgunjobiIDLCINCHISigned
    Latavius MurrayRBBALUFA
    Laurent Duvernay-TardifRGNYJUFAOL
    Lee SmithTEATLUFA
    Leighton Vander EschLBDALUFA
    Leonard FournetteRBTBUFA
    Lerentee McCrayEDGEJAXUFA
    Lester CottonLGLVLVSignedOL
    Le'Veon BellRBTBSFA
    Levi WallaceCBBUFPITSigned
    Levine ToiloloTENYGUFA
    Lil'Jordan HumphreyWRNORFA
    Linval JosephIDLLACUFA
    Logan WoodsideQBTENTENSigned
    Lorenzo CarterEDGENYGUFA
    Lucas PatrickLGGBGBSignedOL
    Luke GiffordLBDALRFA
    Luke StockerTEMINUFA
    M.J. StewartSCLEHOUSigned
    Mack HollinsWRMIALVSigned
    Mack WilsonLBCLENETrade
    Mackensie AlexanderCBMINUFA
    Malcolm BrownRBMIAUFA
    Malcolm SmithLBCLEUFA
    Maliek CollinsIDLHOUHOUSigned
    Malik HookerSDALDALSigned
    Malik JacksonIDLCLEUFA
    Malik McDowellIDLCLEERFA
    Malik ReedEDGEDENDENSigned
    Malik TaylorWRGBGBSigned
    Malik TurnerWRDALUFA
    Marcell HarrisLBSFUFA
    Marcus AllenLBPITPITSigned
    Marcus JohnsonWRTENUFA
    Marcus KempWRKCUFA
    Marcus MariotaQBLVUFA
    Marcus MayeSNYJNOSigned
    Marcus WebbIDLSEAERFA
    Marcus WilliamsSNOBALSigned
    Margus HuntIDLCHIUFA
    Mario AddisonEDGEBUFUFA
    Mark GilbertCBDETDETSigned
    Mark GlowinskiRGINDNYGSignedOL
    Marlon MackRBINDUFA
    Marquel LeeLBLVUFA
    Marquez Valdes-ScantlingWRGBUFA
    Marqui ChristianCBCHIUFA
    Marquis HaynesEDGECARUFA
    Marquise GoodwinWRCHIUFA
    Mason ColeCMINUFAOL
    Mason SchreckTECINSFA
    Matt BreidaRBBUFUFA
    Matt GayKLARLARSignedST
    Matt GonoRTATLNYGSignedOL
    Matt HaackPBUFBUFSignedST
    Matt NelsonRTDETDETSignedOL
    Matt OvertonLSLACUFA
    Matt ParadisCCARUFAOL
    Matt PryorRGINDINDSignedOL
    Matt SkuraLGNYGUFAOL
    Matt SlaterWRNENESigned
    Matthew AdamsLBINDUFA
    Matthias FarleySTENUFA
    Maurice CanadyCBDALUFA
    Maurice HurstIDLSFSFSigned
    Max GarciaLGARIUFAOL
    Maxx CrosbyEDGELVLVExtension
    Maxx WilliamsTEARIUFA
    Mekhi SargentRBJAXJAXSigned
    Melvin GordonRBDENUFA
    Melvin IngramEDGEKCUFA
    Micah KiserLBDENUFA
    Michael BadgleyKINDUFAST
    Michael BurtonFBKCKCUFA
    Michael DogbeIDLARIARISigned
    Michael DunnLGCLECLESignedOL
    Michael GallupWRDALDALSigned
    Michael PalardyPMIAUFAST
    Michael SchofieldLGLACUFAOL
    Michael ThomasSCINUFA
    Mike FordCBDENUFA
    Mike GesickiTEMIAMIAFranchise
    Mike GlennonQBNYGUFA
    Mike HughesCBKCUFA
    Mike PanasiukIDLCARERFA
    Mike PennelIDLATLUFA
    Mike RemmersRTKCUFAOL
    Mike ThomasWRCINUFA
    Mike WhiteQBNYJNYJSigned
    Mike WilliamsWRLACLACSigned
    Miles KillebrewLBPITUFA
    Miller ForristallTECLECLESigned
    Milo EiflerLBWASERFA
    Mitch HyattRTDALERFAOL
    Mitchell TrubiskyQBBUFPITSigned
    Mitchell WilcoxTECINERFA
    Mo Alie-CoxTEINDINDSigned
    Mohamed SanuWRSFUFA
    Montravius AdamsIDLPITUFA
    Montrel MeanderSCLEERFA
    Morgan CoxLSTENTENSigned
    Morgan MosesRTNYJBALSignedOL
    MyCole PruittTETENUFA
    Myles JackLBJAXPITSigned
    Najee ToranRGWASSFAOL
    Nate EbnerSNYGUFA
    Nate HairstonCBDENUFA
    Nate HerbigRGPHIPHISignedOL
    Nate McCraryRBBALBALSigned
    Nate OrchardEDGEWASUFA
    Nate SolderLTNYGUFAOL
    Nathan ShepherdIDLNYJUFA
    Natrez PatrickLBDENRFA
    Ndamukong SuhIDLTBUFA
    Neville HewittLBHOUUFA
    Nevin LawsonCBJAXUFA
    Nicholas MorrowLBLVCHISigned
    Nicholas WilliamsIDLDETUFA
    Nick BawdenFBNYJUFA
    Nick BowersTELVLVSigned
    Nick DzubnarLBTENUFA
    Nick FolkKNENESignedST
    Nick MartinCLVUFAOL
    Nick MooreLSBALBALSigned
    Nick MullensQBCLEUFA
    Nick NelsonCBINDERFA
    Nick VigilLBMINUFA
    Nick Westbrook-IkhineWRTENTENSigned
    Nigel WarriorSSEASEASigned
    Nik NeedhamCBMIAMIASigned
    Noah BrownWRDALDALSigned
    Noah FantTEDENSEATrade
    O.J. HowardTETBUFA
    Oday AboushiRGLACUFAOL
    Odell Beckham Jr.WRLARUFA
    Ogbonnia OkoronkwoEDGELARHOUSigned
    Olamide ZaccheausWRATLATLSigned
    Olasunkanmi AdeniyiEDGETENUFA
    Oren BurksLBGBUFA
    Orlando BrownLTKCKCFranchiseOL
    Otaro AlakaLBBALRFA
    P.J. LockeSDENDENSigned
    P.J. WilliamsSNOUFA
    Pat O'ConnorIDLTBRFA
    Pat O'DonnellPCHIUFAST
    Patrick LairdRBMIARFA
    Patrick OnwuasorLBLVUFA
    Patrick PetersonCBMINUFA
    Patrick RicardFBBALUFA
    Patrick ScalesLSCHIUFA
    Penny HartWRSEASEASigned
    Pernell McPheeEDGEBALUFA
    Peyton BarberRBLVUFA
    Pharaoh BrownTEHOUHOUSigned
    Phil HaynesLGSEASEASignedOL
    Phillip LindsayRBMIAUFA
    Phillip WalkerQBCARCARSigned
    Pierre DesirCBTBUFA
    Porter GustinIDLCLERFA
    Preston WilliamsWRMIARFA
    Qadree OllisonRBATLERFA
    Quandre DiggsSSEAUFA
    Quartney DavisWRINDERFA
    Quinton JeffersonIDLLVUFA
    Quinton SpainLGCINUFAOL
    Raheem MostertRBSFMIASigned
    Randy BullockKTENUFAST
    Randy GregoryEDGEDALDALSigned
    Randy RamseyEDGEGBGBSigned
    Rashaad PennyRBSEAUFA
    Rashaan EvansLBTENUFA
    Rashaan MelvinCBCARUFA
    Rashard HigginsWRCLEUFA
    Rashard RobinsonCBTBTBSigned
    Rasheem GreenEDGESEAUFA
    Rashod BerryTEDETDETSigned
    Rashod HillLTMINUFAOL
    Rasul DouglasCBGBUFA
    Ray-Ray McCloudWRPITUFA
    Reggie RaglandLBNYGUFA
    Reggie RobinsonSDALHOUSFA
    Ricardo AllenSCINUFA
    Richard RodgersTEPHIPHISigned
    Richard ShermanCBTBUFA
    Richie IncognitoLGLVUFAOL
    Richie JamesWRSFUFA
    Ricky Seals-JonesTEWASUFA
    Riley DixonPNYGSFAST
    Riley ReiffRTCINUFAOL
    River CracraftWRSFMIASigned
    Rob GronkowskiTETBUFA
    Robert AlfordCBARIUFA
    Robert NkemdicheIDLSEAUFA
    Robert SpillaneLBPITPITSigned
    Robert TonyanTEGBUFA
    Robert WindsorIDLINDERFA
    Roderic TeamerCBLVLVSigned
    Rodger SaffoldLGTENBUFSignedOL
    Rodney McLeodSPHIUFA
    Ronald Jones IIRBTBUFA
    Ronnie HarrisonSCLEUFA
    Ross DwelleyTESFUFA
    Royce FreemanRBHOUUFA
    Russell GageWRATLUFA
    Russell WilsonQBSEADENTrade
    Ryan BatesLTBUFBUFSignedOL
    Ryan FitzpatrickQBWASUFA
    Ryan JensenCTBTBSignedOL
    Ryan KerriganEDGEPHIUFA
    Ryan McCollumCDETDETSignedOL
    Ryan NallRBCHIRFA
    Ryan NealCBSEASEASigned
    Ryan SmithCBLACUFA
    Ryan SwitzerWRCLEUFA
    Salvon AhmedRBMIAMIASigned
    Sam EguavoenLBMIARFA
    Sam FickenKTENRFAST
    Sam MustipherCCHICHISignedOL
    Sammy WatkinsWRBALUFA
    Scott DalyLSDETDETSigned
    Scott QuessenberryLGLACHOUSignedOL
    Sean ChandlerSCARUFA
    Sean MannionQBMINUFA
    Sebastian Joseph-DayIDLLARLACSigned
    Senio KelemeteRGLACUFAOL
    Shamar StephenIDLDENUFA
    Shane ZylstraTEDETDETSigned
    Shaquille MasonRGNETBTradeOL
    Shaun Dion HamiltonLBDETDETSigned
    Shawn WilliamsSATLUFA
    Shelby HarrisIDLDENSEATrade
    Sheldon DayIDLCLEUFA
    Sheldon RichardsonIDLMINUFA
    Sheldrick RedwineSMIARFA
    Shy TuttleIDLNONOSigned
    Sidney JonesCBSEASEASigned
    Siran NealCBBUFBUFSigned
    Skai MooreLBINDERFA
    Solomon ThomasIDLLVUFA
    Sony MichelRBLARUFA
    Spencer PulleyCMIASFAOL
    Stanley MorganWRCINRFA
    Stephen AndersonTELACUFA
    Stephen CarlsonTECLERFA
    Stephen WeatherlyEDGEDENUFA
    Stephon GilmoreCBCARUFA
    Steve McLendonIDLTBUFA
    Steven MeansEDGEATLUFA
    Steven NelsonCBPHIUFA
    Steven ParkerSNYGRFA
    Storm NortonRTLACLACSignedOL
    T.J. CarrieCBINDUFA
    T.Y. HiltonWRINDUFA
    Taco CharltonEDGEPITUFA
    Tae DavisLBHOUHOUSigned
    Taiwan JonesRBBUFUFA
    Tajae SharpeWRATLUFA
    Takkarist McKinleyEDGECLEUFA
    Tanner MuseSSEASEASigned
    Tashaun GipsonSCHIUFA
    Tashawn BowerEDGEMINUFA
    Taven BryanIDLJAXCLESigned
    Tavon AustinWRJAXUFA
    Tavon WilsonSSFUFA
    Tavon YoungCBBALSFA
    Taylor StallworthIDLINDRFA
    Teair TartIDLTENTENSigned
    Ted KarrasCNEDETSignedOL
    Teddy BridgewaterQBDENMIASigned
    Teez TaborCBCHIRFA
    Terrance MitchellCBHOUSFA
    Terrell EdmundsSPITUFA
    Terrence BrooksSHOUHOUSigned
    Terron ArmsteadLTNOVoidOL
    Terry GodwinWRJAXJAXSigned
    Tevin ColemanRBNYJNYJSigned
    Thaddeus MossTECINCINSigned
    Thomas MorsteadPATLUFAST
    Tim BoyleQBDETDETSigned
    Tim SettleIDLWASBUFSigned
    Tim WardEDGENYJNYJSigned
    Tom ComptonRGSFUFAOL
    Tom KennedyWRDETDETSigned
    Tommy KraemerLGDETDETSignedOL
    Tommylee LewisWRMIASFA
    Tony JeffersonSBALBALSigned
    Torry McTyerCBWASUFA
    Tracy WalkerSDETDETSigned
    Trai TurnerRGPITUFAOL
    Travin HowardLBLARLARSigned
    Travis BenjaminWRSFUFA
    Tre FlowersCBCINUFA
    Tre HerndonCBJAXUFA
    Trent BrownRTNEUFAOL
    Trent SherfieldWRSFUFA
    Trenton CannonRBSFUFA
    Trenton IrwinWRCINERFA
    Trenton ScottRTCARUFAOL
    Tre'Quan SmithWRNOUFA
    Trevon ColeyIDLTENUFA
    Trevor SiemianQBNOUFA
    Trey MarshallSLACRFA
    Troy ApkeSWASUFA
    Troy FumagalliTENEUFA
    Troy ReederLBLARRFA
    Trystan Colon-CastilloCBALBALSignedOL
    Ty MontgomeryRBNOUFA
    Ty WilliamsRBBALBALSigned
    Tyler ConklinTEMINNYJSigned
    Tyler HuntleyQBBALBALSigned
    Tyler KroftTENYJUFA
    Tyler LancasterIDLGBUFA
    Tyler LarsenCWASWASSignedOL
    Tyler ShatleyCJAXJAXSignedOL
    Tyquan LewisEDGEINDUFA
    Tyrann MathieuSKCUFA
    Tyrel DodsonLBBUFBUFSigned
    Tyrell AdamsLBJAXJAXSigned
    Tyrell CrosbyRTDETUFAOL
    Tyrod TaylorQBHOUNYGSigned
    Tyrone SwoopesTEWASSFA
    Uchenna NwosuEDGELACUFA
    Vernon ButlerIDLBUFUFA
    Vernon HargreavesCBCINUFA
    Vince BiegelLBMIAUFA
    Vincent TaylorIDLHOUUFA
    Von MillerEDGELARBUFSigned
    Wayne GallmanRBMINUFA
    Whitney MercilusEDGEGBUFA
    Will DisslyTESEASEASigned
    Will FullerWRMIAUFA
    Will HernandezRGNYGUFAOL
    Will HoldenLTDETRFAOL
    Will ParksSNYJNYJSigned
    Will RichardsonRTJAXUFAOL
    William GholstonIDLTBUFA
    Woodrow HamiltonIDLNYGSFA
    Wyatt RayLBCINERFA
    Xavier CrawfordCBCHIRFA
    Xavier RhodesCBINDUFA
    Xavier Su'a-FiloRGCINSFAOL
    Xavier WoodsSMINCARSigned
    Yannick NgokoueEDGELVINDTrade
    Yosuah NijmanLTGBGBSignedOL
    Younghoe KooKATLRFAST
    Zach BannerRTPITSFAOL
    Zach ErtzTEARIARISigned
    Zach KerrIDLCINUFA
    Zach PascalWRINDUFA
    Zach TrinerLSTBRFA
    Za'Darius SmithEDGEGBBALSigned
    Zaire FranklinLBINDINDSigned
    Zane GonzalezKCARUFAST
    Zay JonesWRLVJAXSigned
    Zeke TurnerLBARIUFA

    Ben is the Managing Editor at Pro Football Network. He is also a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA). You can read all of Ben’s work here and follow him on Twitter: @BenRolfePFN.