2022 NFC West division odds: Which team is closest to defending champion LA Rams?

With the NFL draft in the rearview mirror, let's dive into the NFC West division odds for the 2022 regular season.

When it comes to betting on the NFL, it’s never too early to look at the odds and get your bets in while the lines are still fresh. Of course, a lot can theoretically change between draft day and the first kick of the season. But generally speaking, the stage is set, and the bookies have made up their minds on who they think will claim the title of each division. So let’s dive into the NFC West division odds for the 2022 regular season.

NFC West division odds for 2022

In the NFC West, it’s stacking up to be a tight three-horse race, with the Seattle Seahawks waving the white flag and undergoing a full rebuild after trading away star QB Russell Wilson this offseason. With the Seahawks effectively out of the divisional race before it even begins, that leaves the Los Angeles Rams, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Arizona Cardinals to fight it out.

Let’s take a closer look at the lines set by the bookmakers and break down each team’s chances of claiming the NFC West Divisional title.

1. Los Angeles Rams (+140)

As the reigning Super Bowl Champions, it’s understandable that the oddsmakers believe the Rams have a shoo-in for the NFC West title. Apart from proving themselves with their successes from last season, they’ve also managed to have quite a decent offseason. The Rams were able to retain almost all of the core players on their roster, except for star OLB Von Miller who is on his way to play for the Buffalo Bills next season.

Star wide receiver Cooper Kupp remains the team’s most potent weapon on the offensive front. He will have a new member in the receiver corps with the acquisition of WR Allen Robinson to replace Robert Woods. QB Matthew Stafford was also the recipient of a massive four-year contract extension worth $160 Million.

On the defensive end, the LA Rams made a huge upgrade, signing arguably one of the best linebackers in the NFL: Bobby Wagner.

With the raw talent there, and a QB looking to prove his worth, there are plenty of reasons why the Rams are considered the favorites to claim the NFC West.

2. San Francisco 49ers (+185)

Even though the Rams are the favorites to win, it’s certainly not a guarantee by any means. The San Francisco 49ers are one of the best-coached teams in the NFL and are one of the few to give the Rams a real run for their money in recent years. The 49ers have an elite-level running game that can cut through just about any defense in the league. This is even more amazing when you consider their unusually unlucky streak of having key RBs sidelined with injuries for large portions of their seasons the last couple of years.

Their saving grace last year was the emergence of Deebo Samuel, who is listed as a WR but is now considered one of the league’s first-ever “wide backs” — a term coined by the star receiver/running back hybrid himself.

Despite a shock trade request during the offseason, it appears that the 49ers are stubborn about keeping Samuel on their roster and will look to make it a priority to find a solution that satisfies both parties.

With Deebo Samuel (in addition to the other talents on the roster), the 49ers can certainly make a run for their third Super Bowl appearance in the span of a single decade.

3. Arizona Cardinals (+310)

Sports betting sites in Arizona have a star-studded Cardinals team as slight underdogs to win the NFC West, which isn’t so much a disrespect to their talent but rather an acknowledgment of the superiority of the two teams above.

Kyler Murray is one of the more exciting young QBs in the game right now and is consistently in the mix for receiving the MVP award. However, with the recent six-game suspension that star WR DeAndre Hopkins has received for the use of PEDs, the Arizona Cardinals’ season could already be in jeopardy.

Luckily for the Cardinals, they don’t rely solely on Hopkins to provide offensive output, and they do have a solid squad all around, so I still wouldn’t put the nail in the coffin just yet.

4. Seattle Seahawks (+1000)

Oh boy. I’ll just say I’m glad that I’m not a Seahawks fan right now.

After trading away their franchise QB to the Denver Broncos, the Seahawks have made it clear that they have no intention of being a serious challenger this year and will instead look to rebuild from the ground up. Their NFC West division odds show oddsmakers agree.

With no real team direction or QB, the Seahawks are in for a rough year that will at the very least offer some of their younger talents an opportunity to get more game time and learn valuable lessons. Other than that, it’s looking extra gloomy up in the Pacific Northwest for Pete Carroll and his team in 2022.


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