Hodgkinson’s 4-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

With over a quarter of the NFL season in the rear view mirror, it's time to look towards the future with this 2021 4-round NFL mock draft.

With over a quarter of the NFL season in the rearview mirror, the good teams are beginning to truly separate themselves from the bad ones. While some teams still hold out hope of making it all the way to the Super Bowl, others are already narrowing their focus towards the 2021 NFL Draft. Which teams are truly in the market to take Trevor Lawrence? Will someone get a steal with Penei Sewell? Is Micah Parsons poised to be the first defensive player off the board? It’s time to answer these questions in my 2021 4-round NFL mock draft, version 3.0.

Like the previous two versions of my 2021 4-round NFL mock draft, the aim is to try and satisfy as many potential team needs as possible. Those needs could be defined as requiring a positional upgrade, additional depth, or replacing potential free agency losses.

The team order for this 2021 4-round NFL mock draft is as defined by the Pro Football Network Mock Draft Simulator. With that, the New York Jets are officially on the clock.

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4-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft | Round One

[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=1 playerid=4664 team=”New York Jets”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=2 playerid=17412 team=”New York Giants”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=3 playerid=17703 team=”Atlanta Falcons”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=4 playerid=14211 team=”Washington Football Team”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=5 playerid=17798 team=”Jacksonville Jaguars”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=6 playerid=17555 team=”Miami Dolphins”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=7 playerid=14087 team=”Cincinnati Bengals”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=8 playerid=17777 team=”Detroit Lions”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=9 playerid=17571 team=”Denver Broncos”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=10 playerid=17944 team=”Minnesota Vikings”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=11 playerid=17498 team=”Philadelphia Eagles”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft useteam=n useteampos=n useteampla=n author=Oli pick=12 playerid=16283 team=”Miami Dolphins”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=13 playerid=17816 team=”Los Angeles Chargers”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=14 playerid=17729 team=”Arizona Cardinals”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=15 playerid=18351 team=”Carolina Panthers”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=16 playerid=17861 team=”New England Patriots”]

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