In this week’s edition of PFN’s NFL Draft Insiders, Tony Pauline and Andy Herman discuss the latest buzz and rumors leading up to the 2020 NFL Draft. The agenda includes the latest on Washington Redskins OT Trent Williams, their plans with the second overall pick, Joe Burrow at number one overall, the Dolphins choice of Justin Herbert or Tua Tagovailoa, and several prospect scouting reports.

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The latest news on Trent Williams

Pauline pulls down the curtain on head coach Ron Rivera’s relationship with Williams. What happened that pushed the two sides apart? And with Williams on the trade block, what kind of trade offers are the Redskins receiving? What team might increase its offer during the draft? Pauline explains several scenarios that could help the Redskins receive more than they are currently being offered on the market.

Are the Redskins going to move down from the second overall pick?

There have been a few reports that the Redskins might be looking to trade down from the second overall pick. But is that really the case? According to Pauline, it might not be. In fact, he is hearing that Dan Snyder and Ron Rivera are on the same page as to who they want to draft with the second overall pick. Is that Chase Young? Is it someone else?

Is Joe Burrow a lock to the Cincinnati Bengals at number one overall?

There’s a whole lot of smoke every year as we get closer to the NFL Draft, and this year is no different. But, is there any smoke to the Cincinnati Bengals and their plans to possibly trade the number one overall pick? Pauline has the very latest on what he’s hearing, including what a source told him just hours before he recorded the podcast.

Miami Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert?

In Pauline’s latest mailbag, he mentioned that the Dolphins interest in Herbert was genuine. And now, Pauline takes it a step further based on new information he received from a source. Are teams starting to get cold feet with Tua Tagovailoa and his medical history? Or is this just an attempt at a smokescreen so teams have the opportunity to draft Tagovailoa?

Prospect Profiles: Zack Baun, Marlon Davidson, and A.J. Terrell

Pauline and Herman talk about three NFL Draft prospects – Zack Baun, Marlon Davidson, and A.J. Terrell. What does each of these prospects bring to the table in the NFL? What are some weaknesses they will need to overcome to succeed at the next level? And where do we see these players being selected? We talk at length about these three draft prospects.

Featured: Tony Pauline’s Rankings and Scouting Reports

Wide Receiver Rankings

To wrap up the show, Pauline and Herman give their wide receiver rankings. Who comes in at number one for each of them? Is it Jerry Jeudy? CeeDee Lamb? How about Henry Ruggs III and K.J. Hamler? And more importantly, how many receivers do we think will be selected in the first round? Also, the two give their thoughts on receivers who may be selected too high and those who might fall too far.

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  1. How about a 3-way trade with Miami, Washington, and Detroit’ as such:
    Miami gets 2nd overall pick (for Tua) from Washington.
    Miami gives up 5th overall pick, 18th overall pick, 2nd round pick
    Washington gets 3rd overall pick (for Chase) from Detroit, 18th overall pick and 2nd round pick from Miami
    Washington gives up 2nd overall pick, Trent Williams, 4th round pick
    Detroit gets 5th overall pick from Miami, Trent Williams, 4th round pick from Washington
    Detroit gives up 3rd overall pick

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