2020 NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins 7-Round Mock Draft

After spending big in free agency, the Miami Dolphins still have a number of holes they need to fill. This 7-round mock draft looks to address most of their needs, including their desire to identify their next franchise quarterback.

Round 3, Pick 70: Lynn Bowden, WR/QB, Kentucky

The Miami Dolphins have holes up and down the roster. Yet arguably, the one place they are solid is in their wide receiver group. Why, then, am I giving the Dolphins a receiver? And why am I giving them one in the top-70? Because of the match-up nightmares a player like Lynn Bowden from Kentucky can pose for opposing defenses.

Bowden, if used properly, can be a Taysom Hill-like match-up nightmare, but one on another level from how the Saints use Hill. Bowden is an accomplished wide receiver, and he has established talent as a quarterback as well. You can split him out wide as a receiver. Put him under center as a quarterback. Put him in motion to take a hand-off and potentially throw the ball downfield. The possibilities are endless, and well worth the investment.

Other possible picks: LB Akeem Davis-Gaither, S Khaleke Hudson

Round 4, Pick 142: Josh Jones, OT, Houston

If I have one disappointment from how the first three rounds of our 7-round mock draft for the Dolphins shook out, it’s that it has taken until round 4 to address the offensive line. I would have loved for the Dolphins to select someone like Louisville’s Mekhi Becton several rounds earlier, but the board simply didn’t fall that way.

However, picking up Houston’s Josh Jones in the fourth round isn’t a bad consolation prize. Jones certainly isn’t the offensive tackle talent that an Andrew Thomas or Mekhi Becton is, but I believe he’s a solid prospect that can help the Dolphins solidify a position that has been a thorn in their side for the better part of two decades.

Round 5, Pick 162: Larrell Murchison, DL, NC State

Now we’re on a run of improving the trenches with our Dolphins 7-round mock draft. Next up, we lock up the defensive side of things with a defensive lineman — Larrell Murchison — from North Carolina State. The Dolphins are pretty solid at defensive tackle, but Murchison would give the team another body to put in a rotation, keeping everyone fresh and at the top of their game, which is never a bad thing.

Round 5, Pick 173: Julian Good-Jones, OT, Iowa State

The Miami Dolphins’ concerted effort to fix the trenches continues, this time back on the offensive side of the ball. We drafted Jones from Houston in the fourth round of our Dolphins 7-round mock draft, and now we’re going back to the offensive tackle position to pick up Iowa State’s Julian Good-Jones.

Good-Jones isn’t going to play left tackle at the next level, and that’s okay. Not every tackle you draft has to be a left tackle. Right tackle is just as important, and perhaps even more important with the Dolphins drafting a left-handed quarterback to lead the franchise. Whether Good-Jones can develop into a solid every game starter remains to be seen, but the talent is certainly there to develop.

Round 6, Pick 185: Cohl Cabral, C, Arizona State

We cap off the run of trench players with Cohl Cabral from Arizona State. The Dolphins need help at every position along the offensive line, and that includes the center position. Even as a sixth-round pick, Cabral can come in and instantly provide at least some competition at the position, if not an instant upgrade over what is already on the roster.

Round 6, Pick 197: Van Jefferson, WR, Florida

As I said with our third-round pick, wide receiver isn’t a position of need for the Miami Dolphins in 2020. With the plethora of draft picks Miami has, it’s a luxury pick to take a wide receiver, and here we are taking another receiver on day 3 of the NFL Draft. Why? The value here is just too good to pass up!

You can never have too many playmakers in today’s NFL, and after the performance that Florida wide receiver Van Jefferson had at the Senior Bowl, if he’s available this late in the draft, the Dolphins — or any other team for that matter — should be sprinting to the podium to bring him into the fold.

Round 6, Pick 202: Luq Barcoo, CB, San Diego State

When you get to day 3 of the NFL draft, and you have as many draft picks as the Miami Dolphins have, at some point you begin to hedge your bets. If the Dolphins wind up making all of their picks at the selections they are today — which I very much doubt they wind up doing — day 3 is going to see a lot of hedging.

One of those hedges will be used by picking up another cornerback in San Diego State product Luq Barcoo. You can never have too many playmakers on offense, and you can never have too many guys to cover them on defense. The Dolphins need cornerbacks badly. If nothing else, the Barcoo selection will make the Dolphins the winners of the “who drafted the guy with the coolest name” contest.

Round 7, Pick 245: McTelvin Agim, DL, Arkansas

If you’ve stuck with me this far, you get rewarded by seeing the Dolphins round out their 7-round mock draft by focusing on the trenches yet again. I don’t think it can be overstated just how much help the Dolphins need on both the offensive and defensive lines.

McTelvin Agim is a guy who is going to help the Dolphins’ defensive line rotation. He’ll be another body to keep everyone fresh. If he develops into the player that he shows flashes of being, he could become a staple along the Dolphins’ defensive line for years to come. You can’t really ask for much more out of a 7th-round pick.

Round 7, Pick 251: Alex Taylor, OT, South Carolina State

We are going to conclude this 7-round mock draft by bringing in another offensive tackle, and another Senior Bowl product in South Carolina State’s Alex Taylor. Taylor is a behemoth of a tackle, coming in at nearly 6’9″ and possessing a wingspan of nearly 90″. You can’t teach that kind of length! You either have it or you don’t.

The ceiling for Taylor is nearly unlimited, but he is a LONG way off from reaching that ceiling. He may never come close to getting there, but for a 7th-round pick? Shoot your shot!


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  1. Denver is looking to trade up and has 3 third round picks plus #15 and #46…. 15, 46, and 77 for #5? I might do that.

  2. Tua, is a bust he couldn’t STAY ON THE FIELD IN HIGH SCHOOL OR IN COLLEGE no way he will in the NFL 3RD round pick at the best, but some idiot will draft him in the first.

  3. I like your logic. One of the best well thought out mocks. The only change I’d make is to consider a linebacker with the last 1st round pick if available.


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