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Fantasy Football

2019 Superflex Fantasy Football: Value quarterback options

Superflex Fantasy Football
Photo Credit: Kelley L Cox/USA Today

Superflex fantasy football leagues are becoming increasingly popular from year-to-year. In fact, arguably the most famous fantasy league to date, the Scott Fish Bowl, runs under Superflex rules.

More and more fantasy players are converting over to Superflex fantasy football leagues because of the added challenges it brings into preparing for the season. For those that are unaware, Superflex leagues allow the option to roster another quarterback into a flex position on top of the one already required.

Traditional fantasy leagues that allow only one QB to be rostered at a time greatly diminishes the value of the most important position on the football field. Of course, there’s always one or two players in every league that will look to reach on someone like Patrick Mahomes in the early rounds.

Meanwhile, the other more veteran players will be drafting the top tier running backs and wide receivers remaining in those early rounds. Most won’t even look to add a QB until the latter half of the draft, possibly even waiting until the double-digit rounds.

Superflex fantasy football leagues change that mindset, however. The value of quarterbacks in Superflex leagues greatly rises. Superflex leagues are not the same as 2-QB fantasy leagues, in which rostering two quarterbacks is required. In terms of drafting, however, there are some similarities. It is not uncommon for a run on quarterbacks to occur in the first or second rounds.

While you will not want to wait long to grab your QB1, it’s just as important to draft another viable quarterback or two behind him. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the quarterbacks virtually going undrafted in single QB leagues, but that could be a difference-maker in your Superflex fantasy football leagues for 2019.

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