Notre Dame’s Alize Mack, who has a lot of potential, is a tight end that could help many teams given his versatility as a blocker and a receiver. No matter where he is drafted in the 2019 NFL Draft, Mack will be a welcomed addition to a team’s offense from the start.


At 6’5″ and 247 pounds, Mack plays with a downhill style. Everything he does well, he does moving forward. He is a strong route runner when he is attacking vertically, whether it be in a post pattern or attacking the seam. Mack does a great job of splitting out wide and creating mismatches. Also, Mack makes contested catches look easy at times, with an understanding of how to use his body to shield defenders. The Notre Dame prospect is strong at the point of attack, considering his frame, added on top of that, he is a willing blocker in any situation.

Mack thrives when blocking in space, which can allow teams to use versatility early and often. He can be sneaky, as he sets up as if he is a blocker, and then slips into his route. Often, Mack finds the soft part of the zone for an easy pitch and catch.


Mack is not exactly a speedster at tight end and can struggle at times to get open against man coverage. He could afford to get a little stronger in the offseason to help with his in-line blocking. While he is not weak at the point of attack, he could improve in that area. Mack allows his defender to disengage a little early when the run is extended, which is just about learning timing on his blocks.


Mack has serious potential to be a sneaky good tight end in the NFL. He has adequate speed and attacks vertical routes with a downhill mindset. When asked to block, he is more than willing to block from any point, whether it is in the backfield, out wide, or in-line. Contested catches are Mack’s most significant attribute, which makes him a quarterback’s best friend.

Mack’s sneaky athleticism will allow him to find the soft zones in defenses and make himself available to the quarterback. Like most tight ends from Notre Dame before him, he has a future in the NFL right away with his blocking ability. Mack is one of the more balanced tight ends in this draft.