With the third pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Jets selected Quinnen Williams, interior defensive lineman from Alabama.

The 2019 NFL Draft class is absolutely stacked with defensive talent. Yet, with all the talent available for teams, one name stands out above the crowd. Alabama product Quinnen Williams is arguably the most polished defender — and overall prospect — available. If you’re looking for a dominant force on the defensive line, Williams is at the top of your board.


You won’t find a quicker prospect along the defensive line than Quinnen Williams. His initial burst off the line of scrimmage is a thing of beauty. His quick first step has opposing offensive linemen on their heels from the jump. From there, it’s a game of leverage and few defensive linemen understand the leverage game better than Williams.

They say that “low man wins” and Williams takes this to heart. He understands how to use his size and speed to gain the advantage and become a disruption. But Williams doesn’t just win with speed. Williams is also an accomplished hand fighter. He knows when to strike and how to keep the offensive lineman’s hands off his chest plate. His quickness combined with the ability to thwart attempts to control him makes him a top 5 prospect in this draft class.


It’s tough to find many weaknesses in Williams’ game, but there is no such thing as a perfect prospect. Williams comes close, but if there is a hole in his game it’s with his size and strength. Williams is going to have a problem at the next level producing a bull rush. He’s not quite strong enough to consistently win against the top NFL offensive line talent. A year or two in an NFL strength and conditioning program should help his functional strength. However, it may be a constant struggle for Williams to keep the bulk he’ll need.

The strength issues could become compounded at the next level by Williams tendency to cheat. Williams will often take his attention off of the blocker, trying to cheat his way to the ball carrier. This hasn’t impacted him much at Alabama, but at the next level it’s going to lead to him being out of position and getting driven out of the play.

How will Williams help Jets?

Quinnen Williams is arguably the top prospect in the 2019 NFL Draft. For the Jets to nab him at this spot is great value. Williams is going to provide Jets with a consistent disruption up front. He comes in and instantly improves their front four from the moment he puts on the pads.